A delusions of all delusions!

I am under the delusion that there is a Judge, the local police, even the F.B.I. are interested in me. Paranoia quite possibly, I am diagnosed a schizophrenic and ADD, how ever, I have contacted the F.B.I., the local police and I left a message for a Judge! If I were to be intuitive I would say things feel a bit off!

Sorry to hear that buddy. The content of those ideas is very familiar to me. Is awful isn’t it. I used to be certain my phone was bugged so I would phone myself and leave messages on my own answer phone telling the suirvellance team to just come and arrest me.

Please stop bothering the authorities before you get yourself in trouble.! There is no one after you, you sound delusional pretty bad. I would consult with your pdoc and get your meds adjusted…good luck.


I have a delusion where I feel like I am being watched all the time too. It’s not so much the Police and the FBI, it’s the whole world. I am in a show about me because I am the primary subject in an extremely elaborate brain study. I have a camera in my eye, microphones in my ears and monitoring equipment in my brain and body. Cameras everywhere catch all of my activity. My reality is completely staged albeit with real people who’s job it is to go about their lives and interact with me normally unless otherwise scripted. I don’t call anyone or mention it to anyone because A-It wouldn’t do any good and B-I am trying to get better. My pdoc and tdoc know everything and my meds have helped a lot with the paranoia, internal voices and inserted thoughts. I still have the delusion though.

Definitely tell your pdoc everything. It IS a delusion, just like mine. I hear ya on the extreme delusion. Been there!