Being bisexual

So I came out as bisexual, posted a facebook status “Im bisexual” and everyone said they werent surprised. I went on a date with a guy today but he has a boyfriend, he didnt understand I had romantic intent, and he felt bad and took the check. He did express his attraction towards me, but basically I told him I was down but didnt want to ruin his relationship, in a roundabout weird way without actually saying it just like that.

So I think I am a little tired of girls for now, just ditched a batshit crazy and unstable female friend with benefits, I showed my friends our text conversations and they were like “run away, run far away, youre not on her level of crazy” and I dated a couple of girls last semester without much success, only a few dates then they quit replying to my texts and calls.

But I have admitted that I feel attracted towards guys and it feels good. I have options, there are gay guys in some of my classes and this guy today said he will introduce me to some guys he knows. So things are looking good for me. I feel happy to admit that I am not only attracted to women but men as well.


That’s bad no matter what the gender.

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good on you for being brave, but just remember ’ batshit crazy ’ relates to both sexes.
take care


Everyone should be gay in my opinion, perhaps then we could actually escape this endless torture called earth and flesh.

No one could have kids.

It’s hard to admit something like that. The only one who knows i’m gay on my father’s side of the family is one of my cousins.