Openly bisexual now

I went to a club with an old gay friend of mine, a LGBT friendly club and wow, it was quite a night. I got on the pole and took my shirt off and guys and girls wanted to grind with me and took their tops off too! XD I got the best of both worlds and met new people. I also made out with my old friend.

I feel so happy to be open and exploring my sexuality- I have had sex with females before but I am kinda tired of it and have always been in denial of being bisexual, but now I am actively bisexual, texting some guys from the club i met last night.

I think my recovery with successful medications is really making me learn more about myself now that I dont hear voices all of the time and hallucinate in public and come off as really strange. My voices used to call my attractive guy friends “boyfriends” and now I know why LOL

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Good for you for embracing your newfound sexuality. Hope things work out for you. And remember to always use a condom, so you don’t catch any diseases.


Yeah I am picky about partners (Im attractive so I can be) and I always use protection. I picked a guy from the three I exchanged numbers with last night, he said he wants to get coffee next weekend. I like him the most, he was my type

gay clubs are so much fun cause all the beer swilling meat heads would never go there haha

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I don’t like the gay drama though.

Yeah I kinda know what u mean. Im gonna get coffee with a bisexual guy I danced with (more like had sex with pants but no shirt on with) so thats ideal. Gay people are cool in my book but yes they can be drama queens, LOL. Not all but some of them, a good fraction are! I think there’s alot of gay stereotypes though. Sometimes they are spot, just not as often as most people think, from my experience with gays. Some gays are like totally straight seeming, until they start grinding on another dude, then it’s pretty obvious, LOL

I sort of am a “beer swilling meat head”. I am a powerlifter and I do down a couple of beers throughout the night. Hahaha but im in the lightest weight class in powerlifting so I look more like an athlete than a hulk.

have fun and be careful…
take care

Once you go queer there’s no turning back haha, be safe

after last night, I am absolutely sure that I am bisexual.

I think that it’s healthier to be comfortable with who you are and your sexuality, then keep it in the dark. There’s nothing wrong or disgusting about being gay or bisexual. I’m glad you realized that I wasn’t stereotyping. I have a lot of gay and bisexual friends. I think the drama might come because people who are openly sexual just come with more complexities. If you date both women and men, you can be either more emotionally secure, or emotionally complex. It’s not that only gays are dramatic. It’s just that some gay men can be pretty loud about their love lives. It comes with the territory in a socially repressive culture. Maybe gay men are more loud to combat the oppression of keeping quiet about it.

Our society is evolving and to repress is to depress and distort self expression of people.

Be loud and proud all you want. Just don’t let the drama or bias get you down.

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That’s great you are doing good and more open to who you truly are. I remember you saying in other posts that you are an alcoholic. Do you think it’s a good idea to drink? In AA they say an alcoholic should not drink because even if starts off good you will end up going back to your old habits. I’m happy you’re having fun just be careful you don’t want to backslide.

I think gay/bi people do talk more about relationships. The old friend who brought me to the club explained that he lives with a partner but he deserves “revenge” for him cheating on him and thats why we were grinding and making out and crossing boundaries I thought someone in a relationship wouldnt cross but yeah I notice they do talk more about stuff and sometimes it gets dramatic.

I notice that gay people dont talk about feelings, they talk about actions. Like the opposite of women who are more inclined to express feelings than look for reasoning and solutions. The male brain sees everything as systems with moving parts, my shrink tells me.

Dennis Miller from Saturday Night Live once said that being gay is OK. Being heterosexual is OK. Being asexual is OK.
But bisexual people are just plain greedy. They want the best of both worlds!!! Lol.


mortimous your not a beer swelling meathead your a happy mouse by the sound of it lol


Lol I just drink a beer or two. I am athletic looking, not a huge meathead, im in the lightest class in powerlifting. And thanks for noticing that I have been happier lately, opening up about my bisexuality has me feeling alot happier. I am breezing though this semester with all A’s and my papers already finished! Also making great strides in powerlifting, im actually competition grade now.

One of my straight friends actually invited me over for sex after I came out. A straight friend. Yes. He said he had the hots for me. I was like OK and it happened. I think hes bi, maybe gay actually, he said he just wanted to try it out but he really enjoyed it and kept talking about doing it again afterwards. Imma let him cool down and get his mind straight, but I think he might be gay. I asked a gay friend I just met about it and he was like “hes gay” period.

But yeah aside from the straight friend having sex with me (hes not straight after that, LOL) I am meeting more people and things are interesting. Coffee tomorrow with a guy I met, a beer the next day with another guy I met. Looks like Ill be frequenting a LGBT club every saturday night, its the place to be if youre not straight and want to have fun and meet people.

i thought i was gay for a whole year i wasnt i just had ENOUGH of beinmg treated like crap by men anyway i used to go to this gay bar all the time the first time i went i was really disgruntled this place is full of gay men where are the lesbians i said to this guy he laughed his head off! og course a lot of the women were dressed like men duh. anyway eventually i was talking to this transvestie guy and i said i was confused about wether i was gay or not and he said who did you fancy when you were 13 i said boys he said u aint gay he really helped me out lol

Watch out for diseases.