Before And After Weight Loss

I think this will help me to have incentive to loose weight if I keep a record of it, every fortnight.

Some of you may think I don’t need to loose weight but I really do because there’s a lot of toxins in my fat etc etc etc from a decade of on off binge eating.

Today’s date is 23.7.21.

Weight 71kg.

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When I move home I’m going to start a pilates routine.

You know to tone up and build inner body core strength

According to the NHS I need to be between 51 and 68kg to be in the healthy weight range.

I used to watch yoga YouTube videos and do yoga at home. Too bad the sweat made my apartment stink so I had to quit.

You have a very proportionate body! You are going to lose weight fast if you are consistent. I wish you good luck!

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that is annoying, do the windows not open?

yea I want to be at the lower range of the healthy weight spectrum so I reckon it will take me a year to get there because slow weight loss is the healthiest way to lose weight as well.

If anyone wants to post progress photos too that would be awesome.

my hips are ‘weird’ and I am wearing chunky heel boots and my ass is not ‘perfect’ peach shape either

I never really understand if I should care or not about body proportions I mean we can’t help what we are born with.

So yea I just choose to be fine with it, as long as I tone up and loose weight :smiley:

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It didn’t matter if the windows were open. The smell was there. :confused:

Otherwise if you want a tight body you can try Crossfit. That will make your abs pop out. :wink:


that sucks!, sorry to hear that :frowning:

Me, I’m not particularly trying to lose weight, but I want to be fit and have a healthy body. I want to have strength and endurance to take on life.

Kindda like rehabilitation.

I don’t eat much, but lately I’ve been drinking protein and exercise.

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thanks for sharing! :smiley:

you look good to me, honest, but yea if you feel you could do with working on your strength and endurance, then that may make you feel better.

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You are not fat. You look to be at a healthy weight to me. If you lost two more kilograms you would be svelte, but at present it doesn’t look like you need to lose much at all if any. If you lost any more than that then you would look unhealthy imho.

BMI doesn’t mean anything these days as it doesn’t take into account any muscle and stature.

you can relax you don’t look fat, I reiterate. :slight_smile:

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I am going to loose weight too, I am 80kg currently


Good luck guys!!

I’ll bump this thread once in a while so that it doesn’t get closed.

I’m going to confess that those leggings shape my legs and ass somewhat

Also I want my face to be different and I think weight loss can help.

It’s all connected. The health and the weight and such that’s why it is all the same goals.

But thanks for the kind words.

How’s the hiit going?

80 kg is not bad. But yea if you feel you could do with weight loss usually it is because one can.

That’s how I feel anyway

I mean it’s hard to tell on another person.

It’s always up to them and what they’re capable of. And want to do

I started yesterday and apparently you shouldn’t do consecutive days thus a rest day today.

It was hard, but short. All done in 15 minutes. Out of breath and sweating with all the goodness of a long, slow steady session done in a jiffy. I think I can manage that every other day.

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I could never do that.

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Yeah… exercising daily helps me move pass negatives.

My body doesn’t want to move at times

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That is fantastic, well done you.

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