Been bullied at school and as an adult, severe acne, virgin status, disloyal friends, friendless, severe depression, social anxiety, OCD's, and schizophrenia

i just am frustrated that despite having quite a high amount of mental health experience (as i listed above) i just feel i do bugger all…i dont do much, voices strangely hold me back

i feel i have alot of experince of mental health… but i do bugger all

can anyone throw some light on this subject,

do you feel you do something constructive with your life or are you like me, who feels like a waste of space


I’ve been frustrated and tormented by voices and negative symptoms for a very long time.
I am with you.
It can get better. Take your meds and have faith.


My husband wasn’t popular
Not schizophrenic but has mild autistism
I’m kind of both
I was promiscuous, he was a virgin till me age 35
It’s a thing that I needed to get out of my system all the sex, then I met a nice guy

I’m trying to find a moral in all this
Basically don’t worry

Neither of us were at all happy in school

Although he kind of liked it I felt like he didn’t really want sex and eventually I felt the same
Now I’m romantic and no sex where he’s asexual

There are people who really lose everything with this illness hang in to what you haven’t lost and in what you will some day rebuild or build from nothing
And then start over a few more times if you have to

I’ve spent years doing nothing
It’s when we heal I think


You’re lucky to survive all that @karl . The way I look at it is we’re in the survival business now.


Don’t let anyone bully you!

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Honestly I don’t care how old you are you have to stick up for yourself!

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i feel like a waste of space… my mum always says im not but i do feel like it. I barely can do anything…

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