Having a tough time finding a reason to carry on there is no point my bullies took what chances i had from me of ever having a normal life everyone seems to have it in for me and im terrified. I just dont want to be seen anymore

I dont know why im still breathing. I dont have any thing to be happy for anymore. I jsut wanted to be loved and accepted. I wanted inner peace instead i get inner termoil. My bullies took my inner peace and turned it in to sadness. Im scared to go out in fear of what others will say. I just wanted to be accepted i cannot be accepted when my inner peace isnt there. People have been taking the mick out og my illneses and my ptsd by replaying what has traumatised me. With noise campaigns ect


I’m sorry that you are not feeling good @Imsobored , but you are kind of spamming this same topic over and over. I count 3 topics on this subject in the last 10 mins or so. Please try to keep it to one thread.


When was the last time you saw a psychiatrist?


Trauma and psychosis combined which most of us have to some varying extents of both of these things. It’s very difficult to deal with and they don’t help each other either.

I’ve had psychosis but ptsd when my symptoms flare up could be worse at least for me. I hope u get the love that u deserve. :heart:

Hey @Imsobored .
Im sorry you feel like others have made you feel worthless. But you are not worthless and your value isnt determined by other people.
You can still have your peace and get through this tough time.

I dont know why people would make fun of your MH issues but they are obviously cruel and immature. You need to limit contact from these people as they are obviously heartless and not doing you any good.
Do you have friends that do look out for you still?

Believe it or not no one really cares about strangers. I get paranoid and self conciouss when I am depressed/anxious and think others are judging me. But when I’m well I realise its all in my head and that no one pays strangers attention (unless you do really stupid stuff like singing out loud or dancing in traffic etc etc).

I would focus on looking after yourself and try and do activties you want to do for yourself whatever they are. Like painting, reading, going to a park, going to the cinema etc.

Don’t let a few people’s opinions define your opinion of yourself. Anyone with a decent understanding of mental health would side with you and not your bullies.


I cant tolerate it anymore because no matter what people will take the piss they take this piss out of everything about me. Everything i do is scrutinised. Im scared to breath because of it

How old are you Imsobored?
How do these people learn of your MH issues to begin with?

Nasty people spreading it around town and constant nastiness from others as well as rumours going around and about me.

Unfortunately people really do kick you more when you’re feeling down. Traumas for me lead to ocd problems at a young age. Which really messed with me mentally and then I became a target and developed alternate personalities because of it which just messed me up more which lead to me abusing drugs which lead to people messing with me even more. Which all these factors ultimately lead to psychosis. I feel I had to ultimately take matters into my own hands. Sure I can work with doctors, therapists, programs. But it took years to understand who I can trust and who not. Even amongst doctors. I agree find the right people because eventually they emerge. But it took meds, therapy and just going through life to gain a thicker skin.

There was a point I was so messed up mentally I couldn’t trust even trustworthy ppl. So I empathize with that. I know it’s not right. They shouldn’t put u down when you’re down they should Bring you up but unfortunately it happens

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I don’t know. I don’t want to invalidate your feelings but do you have concrete examples you can refer to?

I feel like some of this might be exaggerated and may just be paranoia.

Unless you live in a really small village, its unlikely that people at large at talking about you…

People telling calling me a ■■■■■ telling me i should kill myself when im out and about people being nasty about me my personal appearance. These are some sick F ers that get their pleasure from making others suffer so sick of them.

It sounds like your voices are out of control and making you think strangers are talking about you. Based on your posts, seeking help at a hospital would be beneficial. They can help adjust your meds quickly and keep you safe.