Beating myself up

It seems I beat myself up for small mistakes… that no one else seems to be upset about.

I wish I could let things go more easily.

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I would rather have that, then to feel nothing about what we do.

I’ve seen both sides of the coin, and it’s hard to deal with too much
self criticism, but can be annoying to others if you are opposite and can’t see the light.

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Me too. I hold on to things for years. I said something thoughtless to a friend that she wasn’t even upset about when I was TWELVE, and still I beat myself up for it regularly.

I don’t have problems forgiving others, but can never forgive myself, or accept that others have forgiven me.

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Yeah me too. Like @Rhubot said, I can forgive others but forgiving myself is extremelly difficult.

I’m in that exact same boat… I can forgive others before I ever forgive myself.

I wonder why I can’t let things go.

I wish I had an answer for you. It makes me a little sad to think of you feeling like this, because you seem like such an excellent, kind person.

I think we need a big group bug :bug: hug.


Thank you for that…

Just a rough day… it will pass… it’s my day off… I’ll buy more groceries… to replace the ones I threw all over the garden…

decompress… and wonder why my sleep walking self was mad at the groceries…

I wish I understood what I was thinking.

Love the :bug: hug… (little arms :smile: )


I do too. I can still cringe about things I did years ago. I don’t know if it is healthy or not.

My therapist tells me that time has come to let it go…

self punishing for the past only knee caps the positive thinking that helps us go forward.

Some days are easier then others.

I feel like even the self-beating is a form of a self-victimizing. Its like you are a Victim of yourself, but the ‘self’ here is not so much yours, but largely your parent’s or other authorities (God, church, partner…)

For me… It is the worst position ever because it can last for years and because it feels so oddly good to feel your own suffering.
(And yes I’m aware of what I just said)

Yes, the self in circumstances beyond their control. I feel ya. I’ve been down that road most days when I open up a new can of beer. I have a self that actualizes truth and beauty and imagination, but what is it that keeps me locked to the life of slave? I wish they didn’t have so much control, but then again, I would have nothing to fight against I guess.

Would love to see a pic of you sometime, J. I’m just saying.