Sometimes we do bad things

We aren’t perfect. None of us. Sometimes we choose wrong. It’s best to remember that. If we make mistakes it’s ok. We just try harder to do better next time. And part of doing better is forgiving ourselves for the mistakes we’ve made. Beating yourself up is just another mistake. Everyday is a new day to do our best and try again to choose well. Take care of yourself.


Hey, welcome back.

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Thank you sweetie


Yeah. Makes life interesting and we’d never learn anything if it was all too easy! Wise words my friend @leafy


thank you…I was beating myself up just today…me and my gf had words and I was really sad for a while…it was my fault…we made up…and I am happy again…


When I was ill I did horrible things,I was a bad person,now I feel that I am a good person

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Most people who do bad things are considered sane. Consider Hitler and all the men who commited genocides.

We know that they were sane but had no respect for people who were underprivileged.

None of us are perfect. Move on and remember you can do better. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It’s very true. Many times when I have done one mistake, I have gone on a mistake rampage, like if I made a mistake I might as well not give a dam, making my situation even worse. I recently got refreshed by the old saying “two wrongs don’t make a right”. This is a good reminder to keep my act together.

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When I make mistakes and upset my husband I feel like cutting or other self harm and feel so much self hatred that I blow up in front of my husband and scare him

I know it’s not fair but I can’t seem to stop myself

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