Basically I'm F'd

My state legislatures in their infinite wisdom of austerity over all other logic has approved a very abbreviated drug list for their SSI/SSDI covered meds. We are left with 2 2nd generation AP’s (risperdone, and clozapine) and a few typical antipsychotics. I am hoping to swing risperdone as my antipsychotic but everything else is definitely up in the air. I imagine that the Psych Wards in my state will eventually be full of schizophrenia patients and a lot of pandemonium will occur. On the other hand if a typical antipsychotic were to work as well that didn’t have the weight gain side effects we may be better off as workers which I’m sure is Part B of the equation. Other than that bit of optimism I think we are screwed and I hope things are changed for the better.

Have you tried Haldol? It’s weight neutral and I was on it for six years. Feel sometimes like I should go back to it.

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I had a negative opinion of haldol because I was too dumb at the time to take benztropine and got the neck twisting associated with it. I may be willing to give it another try now that I understand that the voices will never completely go away. Back then the fact that Risperdal lowered the voices for me was a plus. I might have been better off increasing my haldol and paying $4 a bottle for it rather than going on SSI to pay for the Risperdal. I might have had a closer to normal life.

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Download the GoodRx app.

I get 90 day supply of abilify for $37.


I take Haldol as a prn for breakthrough psychosis, 5mg 2xday. I take Risperidone 4mg 3xday, scheduled.

Thorazine worked for me, but the price was jacked up like 800%… bummer. I did walk the Thorazine shuffle, or so they call it. I wish money wasn’t a problem.

But it is…

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