Pdoc put me on haldol


The pdoc put me on 2 mg its been working great no side effects yet hopefully never and hopefully i am able to lose some weight on it


With meds, you never know. It’s such an individual thing I did not do well on Haldol but do do well with ziprexa which a lot of people don’t like at all. So, whatever floats your boat.


Is that the only med your on, just 2mg of haldol ???


My doctor mentioned Haldol to me. I’m not sure when the change from Risperdal to Haldol will happen, but I’m glad to see you like it so far.


I’ve been on Haldol for about a year and a half and latuda for about 4 years. They both work well for me except the Haldol causes leg twitches. But i’m on 25 mgs a day compared to your 2 mgs a day.


no i also take latuda 120 mg a day


i was on risperdal and it didnt do much fort me and made me gain almost 100 pounds in a 1.5 years


I’m happy to hear he changed your medicine! I know that’s what you wanted.


thanks man i needed it


Good luck on Haldol @austinsdad - it’s a very effective med.


thank you @Wave. Its been pretty effective so far


How do you feel on it? Do you feel better? I am thinking of trying it too


@TomCat oh ya i feel alot better my voices are almost gone and i am not seeing demons that much anymore i can go shopping at walmart and i dont think everyone can read my mind. I love the medicine no side effects either


When I was on the Haldol shot I was pretty miserable, but Haldol did do some good things for me. At one point I was on 40 mg a day. That was really bad.


@crimby I am sorry haldol didnt work out for you. Are you on good meds for you now?


Right now I am on Geodon and Seroquel and I’m doing fine. These med’s have been like a God send for me.


Good luck @austinsdad


@crimby Thats awesome for you
@Minnii Thank you very much


Rispersal made me gain weight too


@cactustomato ya it made me gain way too much weight and gave me diabetes. So i had to come off of it. Arent you on latda now how is that working out for you?