Med Increase

Had a phone chat with my pdoc this afternoon because the voices were getting a little too loud, and the alien paranoia extravaganza came to town and took up residence in my head. Lots of derailed thoughts as the aliens snatched my thoughts before I could say them.

Doc upped my Thorazine from 400 to 600. He also didn’t care that I stopped my Depakote. Gained 40 pounds in about 7 months. No thank you. Plus I don’t have to get labs done anymore for Depakote.

Hope this change will help. Under a lot of stress here.


Good luck with the med change @ThePlagueDoctor


Hope the med increase help you.

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I hope your med adjustment works out

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I’m sorry you had to stop because of your weight gain.
Hopefully everything levels out and the voices aren’t as loud.

I also hope the Thorazine, helps lessen the voices burden on you @ThePlagueDoctor .

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Thorazine huh? Oldie but goody

i hope the change in meds work well for you =)

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I’m surprised they still prescribe thorazine nowadays. Have you previously tried newer ap’s with no luck?

Just about all of the ones approved in the US. Most of them are too weak for me, and the rest have metabolic side effects I won’t tolerate. There’s nothing wrong with Thorazine. It works quickly, is well-known and studied, and I don’t have any side effects from it.


I am in the process of upping my Risperdal from 4 to 6mg.

I am on an oldie too it’s clopixol.

Some of us must use conventionals to get the full benefits of our meds.