Bad experiences with American women

It was the year 1999 and I had been married in America close to seven years. It was February and then in one evening my former US woman came to the house where we lived in Atlanta. We sat down and started eating some food. Somebody had placed an opened Atlanta Journal Constitution on the table and there was an article about arranged marriages between immigrants and Americans to enable immigrants to get their Green Cards. Then there was a metal ring on the top of this article. Soon somebody called and I answered and a man made references to this article on the table. I hung up and then my former US woman asked ‘what was it?’, I said ‘nothing’. I knew she had placed a newspaper on the table and put a little ring on the top of it, but I did not say it. I knew I had to divorce them, my former US woman, all of their faimilies and so on as I did slowly in 1999. It was the CIA’s effort to blackmail somehow after they failed to recruit me in 1998. I cut my Green Card years ago and I never expect to return back to America.

I had a terrible experience with a Greek woman…well second generation anyway.

She was a wealthy manic depressive prone to delusions of a romantic nature…

Screw nationalism, it’s all women.

And men.

People in general really.

It’s hard enough being married to a foreigner let alone all the other too.

My dad, an Irish immigrant, married my mom to gain US citizenship. And she married him to have someone to financially support her and her 2 children at the time.

It was an awful mess of a relationship. My mom cheated on my dad for 13 years. And the trainwreck of a marriage went on for way too long, with both of them hating each other.

It was a very tough childhood. But taught me a valuable lesson about only marrying the one you love.



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I’ve had some good experiences with American men and women, but I was never married to them or had that type of relationship. Oh, it’s the single life for me.

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That’s odd. I’m not sure where you are from, but lots of American women love guys that aren’t American. I guess it might be just an initial attraction though. I don’t know.