How the American intelligence agencies violate people's rights

It was February 1999 and I was at the house where I lived in Atlanta. My former U.S. spouse came in and we started having a dinner. There was a newspaper on the table, Atlanta Journal Constitution, and the paper had been opened so that there was an article about fraudulent marriages between foreigners and American citizens for helping this foreign citizens to get green cards. Then there was a ring on the top of this article. At the moment I saw it somebody rang and I answered the phone, a man made references to this article in the newspaper on the table, the one I had just seen. I slammed the phone done without saying anything. My former U.S. spouse asked what it was about. I told nothing. It was the possibility that my former U.S. spouse had brought the newspaper and placed the ring on the article in the secret efforts to control and influence me, but I did not accept this and so the divorce process was started. It took one year to divorce them and their woman, my former U.S. spouse, never my wife.