How far they went in their psychological control efforts

It was the beginning of 1999 and I had been married in America close to seven years. I lived in a 2-story house in a relatively comfortable neighborhood in Atlanta. One day I ate my dinner with my former US spouse and I noticed somebody had brought in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and one article was opened. It was about the false marriages intend to bring new immigrants to America. Somebody had placed a ring on the top of this article. While I ate suddenly there was a telephone call and I answered. A man called and made his references to this article. I answered to this man ‘I do not know’ and then I did hang up. My former US spouse asked ‘What was it?’ and I replied ‘I do not know’, although I knew they tried to control me psychologically. Nobody else but my former US spouse had brought this newspaper and a ring onto the table. I knew the marriage was ending as it eventually did. This is how far they can go in their spying and psychological control efforts.


How are you doing right now?

Quite good, it is going to be my exercise hour soon. I listen to Youtube music and do my exercise routines.

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You may want to talk to your pdoc, worried about you !