One personal story from my past life in America

It was 1992 when I got married in Atlanta and a day after the wedding the grandmother of my former US woman said that ‘this marriage does not last a year’. I think it was very evil and later this same woman told all kinds of bad things about me to her daughter, the mother of my former US woman who then told these to my former US woman who then mentioned these to me. When I was against their bad-mouthing they stopped telling me their ■■■■. Later in 1996 when I was in Miami and visited my former US woman’s mother’s place, this woman first called to one person and spoke nicely with this person and a minute after the call she called to another person and told bad things about this first person. People can just be so ■■■■. Then in 1999 when my former US woman had left after I had made her to go, I called her grandmother and told that this US woman had left. She said on the phone ‘what can she do, she is already on the death bed’. That’s about it.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience with those women. Some people can be so horrible to other people. I hope you’re around better people now.

My former US woman’s grandmother was from south and she used to call black people as niggers, she was just an evil woman, I suppose she had inherited some Murphy Oil company stocks, these oil people such as George W. Bush can just be so evil.

I’m sorry - I had to stop reading after your two mentions of ‘my former US woman.’ Don’t ask me why.