Americans. God save the Kingdom

Lol. Chose the topics name, cous I figured everyone would check it out.
I’m just wondering though. Is this board primarily visited/joined by americans?

How many non-americans is on here, answer if you are (and chose to)
Also, how many europeans on?
Finally, how many danes? If there’s any, probably not, as I might be the only dane having this disease, lol, if not, sure feels like it, lol.

Anyway, I think this board is awesome, no matter where your from. Love and stuff in ya’ face, lol.


I am an American

Awesome! Where in America?

I’m from the country of rapists and thieves and seamen who discovered you, isn’t that insane? We named you “Vinland”- Land of wines (the drinking kind) Still ■■■■■ my mind up, lol. Did’t even kill any Indians. Quite the endeavour,

Happy to meed ya’.

I am from the state of Georgia. In the southeastern US

Im wondering what magic powder is needed for one to become an American? :statue_of_liberty:


Proud Balkanian.

No magic powder just a green card if you are from somewhere else.

There was one Danish person last year here on the forum, we talked about bicycling, because in Copenhagen many people ride their bicycles. It has been soon exactly 13 years since I left America. I lived in Atlanta area in Georgia almost one decade and after this I lived in my Mazda 626 around America over two years until I shipped my auto to Belgium and bought a plane ticket to Europe.

Sum Werd Dissecting

Cro w - M a ® tian

(t b c ) - (L.O.V.E.) - (Humanistick)


I’m an Aussie!

okie boy american born and bred.

I do not think that a green card makes a person American. I have one expired green card. Once I was on a cruise to Bahamas from Miami and then when we came back to Miami, one young Colombian girl noticed that her green card was expired, but the immigration official on the cruise ship just told her that she should renew her card in Miami.

Wow, that sounds like so much fun! A bit jealous I am.
I’ve been stuck here all my life (apart from the skz-mind-travelling)

Yeah, but I’m from the mainland (of Denmark) though, (an intern joke, as we, from the mainland, see the island people of Fyen and Zealand (where Copenhagen, the Capitol is located)as foreigners, lol)) and we’re almost exclusively inhabited by tracktors and cows, lol.

Where in the US?

Oh, THAT’S the green card, the one about whom mothers tells the stories to their children, in the cold balkan evenings, sitting next to a fire?

Hey, on a side-note, how is the situation with ya’ll on Balkan, you guys get some peace now? Thinking of the horrrible 90’s for ya’…like, my country won the 92’european championship in football cous you guys were war-torn :confused:

When I lived in America there was just one case when somebody wanted to see my green card, even then it was one President of one Austrian company that had operations in Georgia. Of course, when I traveled to other nations and came back then those immigration officials wanted to see it. If I had not traveled anywhere, nobody would have wanted to see this card.

Its nice to know that someone actually knows for it, lol.

Its ok now but still has a lot of nationalism provided mostly by the conservative political parties.

Yeah, stuff like that gets forgetten all to fast by the rest of the world…My stepfather was a UN peace-keeper during the the nineteens…it was pretty grim stuff as far as I’m informed. Glad it’s better. No european country should ever suffer from that kind of mayhem. No country whatsoever, really, but yeah

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Yeah…who would say that back in the 90’ when the world rocked to Nirvana’s Nevermind and ■■■■■■ to Madonna’s Erotica…i was just a stinky kid in the basement.
UN…they did a good stuff. And bad ones.

I’m in the states too, in the SE also. :horse: