Back to school

i am hoping to get back to school and learn some more stuff,

i have an interview with a college for counselling which i am keen on doing and i am also hoping to be doing psychology as well all part time, but if it was up to me i would be doing a few other classes as well like sociology and maybe modern studies or history but these classes are full, i need to phone them but i am a bit worried that they will be horrible to me and tell me that there is nothing else available, i wouldn’t mind studying english as well but i am afraid the whole class will be full of africans because i find it hard to talk to people like that and i don’t mean any offence its just we don’t have anything in common and they won’t like me.

You don’t know that completely. Give them a chance. You’ll improve your life by socializing with people from different races and backgrounds.

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i’ve been in classes with then before and they are not a lot of laughs and i don’t mean any offence but they are just so different its really annoying, they don’t even talk to me.

i probably shouldn’t have even mentioned it as the main theme here was me going back to school not my problems with africans lol

probably won’t get any replies now :frowning:


The Africans I’ve been acquainted with I found to be all very different from each other. Are these Africans all from the same country or location? As far as I see it, on one hand I’ve been robbed blind by a group of Africans and on the other hand I’ve found some to be the most pleasant and polite people I’ve ever encountered.

Good luck with school anyhow…

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We can talk about school. Let’s try to keep it positive or about educational concerns.

I might have to buy a new calculator for $100. I’m not looking forward to it, because I already have one. It is just packed away somewhere in the shed.

I have to do some type of calculation before they’ll give me a student loan. It is part of the loan “counseling/” where I’ll be counseling myself.

I’m getting stressed out. I need to make a plan.

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i was having visions of a massive calculator lol like the machine that cracked the enigma machine the germans were using lol,

idk what you mean about counselling yourself tho, maybe they have resources for people with mental illness but as for the student loan i don’t think i will need one bc its part time and as long as i am doing under 16 hours a week then the state will pay and i will still receive what i am due.

I’ve met a few guys from Kenya and Tanzania they were very cool and had a very warm personality and sense of humor.

The people I’ve met from Somalia just got out of a war zone and were sort of in shock it seemed due to some of the war and violence happening in their nation. They were more guarded and shy.

I’d say, give it a chance.

i don’t care about that anyway i had a friend who was black and was from philly so i don’t care about that, its more to do with them being able to understand me and talk to me, they tend to stick together and i felt like a stranger but i guess it doesn’t matter bc everyone will think that i was having a go at them when in truth i was just being honest bc that is what i experienced.

next time i will leave out that part because people immediately say the word ‘racist’ and thats not what it is about.

I will be a junior this year, I am majoring in psychology, concentrating in behavioral neuroscience. It sort of sucks. I take only 13-15 hours each semester, I have AP credits from high school so I have wiggle room. I might take an extra semester to graduate, but that is worth staying sane. I am in the honors program and I am on a full ride so I have to take honors classes, which are basically twice as hard. I havent made a C in my college career, and have made just a few B’s and the rest A’s. It isnt fun. I hate it. I wish I was done with this ■■■■. There are some professors and classes which are fun but the others are just not enjoyable at all.

I need at least a masters, then I can get a job in psychology. I just have to plug away at school and function like a robot, drink coffee, study, go to class, repeat. Honestly, after the first two years, school starts to suck, it gets old, yeah it is a good place to meet people, and I do meet people and have made friends, but to be honest, I dont like to think about school. I take my classes in the afternoons and night because I take forever to wake up, drink coffee, eat and take my meds. Getting out of bed takes me half an hour.

Once I get into the swing of things every semester, my (I know this is arrogant) very high IQ takes over and I just end up with a 3.9 or 4.0 for the semester. I went to an elite high school, I am pretty bright, I earned a free college education with my test scores and GPA, so I go to school for free and remind myself that I must take what is mine- a bachelors in psychology is mine for the taking, and if I make straight A’s in honors classes, I might earn a scholarship to graduate school.

Don’t worry about anything but if you think you belong in school. If you think you belong in the classroom, then go to school. It’s not right for everyone, I can tell you that.

The worst thing about college is being single. I have never had a long-term relationship and it hurts. I am so good at all of this other ■■■■ but cant get a boyfriend or girlfriend. I can make an A+ in a class which the professor said most people dropout of and then half who stay fail, (Formal Logic), I have done crazy ■■■■ in the gym as powerlifter and have recently switched to bodybuilding and look like a middleweight UFC fighter, but I can’t seem to find a significant other, just friends with benefits.

And then a lot of the people I meet in college are schizo-biased, into drugs and alcohol, already have boyfriends, ect. I am bisexual and predominantly homosexual, so you could basically call me gay. That makes it even harder.

Honestly, unless you are just think you are supposed to be in school, for whatever reason, think long and hard about it. Finals can trigger psychosis, the stress can break you.

And I got to school in Memphis, there are all sorts of people at the University. It’s quite diverse but there are also a fair number of old people and really not-so-smart people who say dumb things and ask stupid questions, people who work while theyre in school and therefore make bad grades, (not all but some students who work do that) people who just want to make a C and pass, then there are occasionally kids in the honors program who give even better presentations that I do.

I have been fixated on finding a significant other lately and school just sounds like no fun right now. I think I need to move somewhere else for grad school, everyone in the gay community knows each other in my city. There are a few nice parts of town where people my age socialize and the rest of the city is dangerous. The gay club was not the right place for me, too many low class people there. I got too much attention and was being hit on by even the employees, the bartender was hitting on me a lot in particular. I dated a few people from the club, one was low class, one was sketchy, one was flaky and would text me asking me how I was and then I would reply and then he just didnt text back. I’ve dated people from class who were either into drugs or alcohol or both, things I cannot and will not put up with in a relationship. I cant date someone who trips or gets plastered every weekend.

Ugh school. I just want a degree and be free to move to another city to work and start a fresh life. I have been here in memphis ever since I was born. I feel like the hell I have endured should mean I am older, but no, I feel like I am 27 or 30 trapped inside a 21 year olds body.

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Good for you for going back to school, that’s great.

Myself I always hated school. Haven’t done a page of homework since 8th grade I like to say and went to about a year and a half of high school if that. My other half in my late teens was the salutatorian of her class, high honors and all that jazz, she always said those classes were just full of grade whores who would do anything for an A, made her sick. Love knowledge of course but hated school, so competitive, so repetitive.

But then it’s necessary if one wishes to join the ranks of society and all that. Me, I much preferred the autodidact approach to knowledge and learning as it is it’s own reward without the fancy degree. But then I can somewhat afford to take this position so I’ll shuddup.


The student loan counseling is for everyone. It has nothing to do with mental illness. It’s just a new thing that this school does.

if i am honest and i usually am lol, i am not that smart of a guy, i barely scraped all of those passes that i got in college usually getting the lowest mark and its not just the work i have a problem with its the people, on my second year i had to drop out because my friend was told to leave and i got really upset about that without realising and kind of shot my mouth of in debates within a certain class and i was reported several times, also i was having trouble understanding something in guidance which i just couldn’t get because my brain was just to dim lol i did it over and over and i just could not piece it together and that got me depressed.

as for my dating in college it was non-existent lol i am 32 so an older student probably no chance of getting a date there unless it was with a teacher lol, talking about dating i haven’t ever really dated anyone really except sweep so i can’t really comment on dating.

tbh i am not very confident right now that i will be able to do it and i have applied for some full time courses now as well because i spoke to the advice agency again today and i was told that i can basically do anything i.e. full time or part time and she also said i could work eventually if i wanted but that anything i earn would come off of my benefits but i was thinking that as long as i enjoy doing something that it wouldn’t matter its just if i could deal with the stresses and stressors of a full time job or even a part time job.

you are a lucky guy @mortimermouse you are young and hanging with friends that you never thought you could do, your sz isn’t that bad now and you are doing ok, when i was your age i was not doing well and its taking me a lot longer to recover and on the right med.

I wonder if it would be good or possible for you to hold back more - gauge things from a distance + your reactions to things. College is -1- for an education. 2- for other things. Also it’s a time to be looking ahead - planning for what direction you want to be going.

Did you ever take those signing classes for the hearing impaired? I don’t know why, but I think you might be good in that field of work.

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i keep looking at the sign language course but i don’t think its for me bc my mum is going blind now as well and there would be no use learning it if my mum can’t see me signing, my sister is a qualified signer tho and she is hoping to do something with those skills, i think i’m more of a carer than a signer,

i’ve been helping sweep with her dad bc he had to go into hospital bc he wasn’t coping in his house anymore due to mobility so we have been visiting him and taking him out on my dads wheelchair and we are hoping he can go in to a nice care home where he will be safe, so i’ve been getting practice doing some caring and so has sweep.

Carer sounds good…

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tbh i am starting to get obsessed about it again and i have had trouble sleeping tonight because its all i’ve been thinking about, jobs and education and benefits, my head has been doing a loop the loop i think, i found this website and its really good but i can’t read it all because its to much information to take in, i don’t even know if i’ll be able to do anything at this stage, i don’t even feel like volunteering anymore an that is sad :frowning:

I’m not sure. Are you talking about ACTUAL Africans from Africa or do you mean just black people in general?

well there was two from the congo, two from kenya, one from cameroon and one from nigeria and one was a muslim trying to convert the others but there were more than that, one of them was ok but she was not like the others but she still didn’t talk to me much, i looked in the english class and yes they were all african asylum seekers

Hmmm. I’ve found Africans to be polite, respectful, and intelligent.

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Usually people from the developing world are very smart and respectful because they are outstanding people in IQ and character in their home countries. If their language is good enough for communication, befriending these people could be very interesting and adventurous. And if you and they have something in common in terms of Christianity or Buddhism or atheism , the friendship would be wonderful.