Who goes to school


I feel so meh about school. I had to drop a class and I am really just lonely as hell, I only have like three friends, and two of them usually drink or smoke pot which I can’t do, so I always end up spending lots of time alone on the weekends. It’s hard to meet people my age at my school, it’s got lots of old people, and most of the students are commuters and hardly anyone lives on campus it seems. I joined the anime club and we meet tomorrow night so that should be something good to do.

who goes to school, and what is it like? Do you just go to class and mind your own business or do you try to talk to people?

I try to talk to people and make new friends but so far I havent really. I did date a girl from one of my classes last semester but that didnt go very far.

Or do you take online courses? Is anyone else here a full-time student right now?



I want to go back to college, I have a couple years left. I would continue it because it’s worth the time.

There are also jobs you can get where they provide paid training and education. That’s something I’m considering.

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i’d love a job where i can get paid training but its the finances i just cant work out

my situation is difficult right now because if i got a job i would probably be made homeless

and all of my benefits would stop

tbh idk how i am going to make the transition between not working and getting a job

idk if i would be able to hold down a full time job but at the same time my benefits might stop and i might not be able to cover the rent and bills

i am at college part time just now and because it is part time i can keep my benefits and i am hoping next year i can do the same thing but i’ve been told it could change and i am worried about that its making me sick tbh



Before i got sick i was attending a technical school for CEET (Computer Electrical Engineering Technology) I mostly kept to myself made a few friends but nothing major.



The American Psychological Association also offers credit courses online. :school:

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I am currently a full time student. Well, actually the first two days of classes were canceled due to snow. So tomorrow I officially start. Today I went to school and got my student ID, my parking permit, and my refund check. I also walked around campus to see where my classes actually are, so I don’t get lost tomorrow. I try to make friends at school. From my time at community college, I still have one friend who I email with. There’s going to be a gathering at the university for women age 25 and up “mature students,” and I am planning on going. I’m both nervous and excited about going to school. I have to take a public speaking course, which I am scheduled for this semester, which I dread.



You can handle it! Heres a tip- propanalol in 10-20mg is commonly used to counter stage fright. It prevents racing heart and lowers your blood pressure…I was originally prescribed it for anxiety



Thanks for your encouragement. I currently take Klonopin for anxiety. Maybe I’ll just double up my dose on days when I have to give speeches.



Just started Jan 6th of this month. So far so good. I can sit in back and have no one behind me. One class on line, on class on campus. The one class on campus is a night class since I am still working.



I have a night class and since my symptoms tend to come out at night, I told the prof about my condition and he said I can step outside If I need to. I shouldnt have a problem as long as my meds and coffee are perfectly balanced.

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I take online courses from my local community college. One class per quarter. I need five more classes for my AA degree. I started school in1985 !!!

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I’m taking remedial math, biology, and theater appreciation. I am 10 years out of highschool, so I decided to start with the remedial course. In theater, we have to get in a group and do a performance which I am not looking forward to. For biology I have the instructor who likes to put surprises on tests (according to a former student).
The friends thing is tough to navigate, because I have this acquaintance auto pilot that I go on to handle general in-class issues. A person has to like my sense of humor to be friends with me.
I have a friend with a crazy work schedule. I have to plan to catch up with her.



I’m planning on going to college this year. Nothing major. Just a ten week fashion and textiles course, or maybe psychology. The fashion course is at night and I hate driving down the dual carriage way in the dark but I’ll brave it to do the course though. The psychology class is during the day but Iddon’t know what discount I get for that one. Will phone up for a prospectus on Monday. I need to do something to keep my brain engaged I think. I also want to learn hypnosis. I can do that one online so that’s ok. I have to do something as I’m bored shitless.

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I go to school online with Colorado Technical University. I’m studying for my B.S. in computer programming. I love doing school online. I take one class for five weeks take a week or two off and then take another class and do that throughout the year for four years. There’s no pressure of exams or being symptomatic in class. I’ve done the brick and mortar institutions and my symptoms would just ramp up. This way if I get stressed I can just walk away for a minute. It’s not easy doing your studies solely online but it fits my personality.



I hope it works out for you Jayne.Good luck.



thanx hunni. xxx it’ll b nice if it does xxx