Back to coffee

Well, I was clean for almost five months, but it’s time to drink coffee again. I have had a migraine for the past two weeks, and I was having to take excedrin every day anyways. Coffee is much lower in caffeine, and will hopefully keep me from being in agony for two freaking weeks in a row.

I don’t know if my migraines are due to stress, due to the heat, or due to being on a lower dose of Geodon since March (doctor approved, I’m stable at this dose) because Geodon treats migraines as well as psychosis.

I will still only drink one cup in the morning, but it will hopefully make a difference.


I’ve cut down on my coffee intake with a view to quitting completely. Things seem a bit more boring without it though.

You should speak to someone about constant headaches though.


I hope this change works out for you.

I still have yet to find the right amount of coffee to wake me up without giving me anxiety lol.

It’s a side effect of having a brain tumor as a child. The only med that ever took them away was amitriptyline, and that made my hallucinations awful. I do see a fantastic neurologist, though.


Glad you’re still with us. Coffee is a gift from the coffee bean tree.

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