Back on the ecig

After a day’s journey back into the world of tobacco I have gone back on the ecig. Mostly for financial reasons - totalled up how much I would spend on rollies and it was eye watering. Have thrown out remaining tobacco and back on the ecig.


Good luck James!

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Thanks @Minnii. Have realised I have no will power so if I have tobacco in the house I will smoke it. Hence throwing it out. :grinning:


I haven’t trown mine out.

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Thing is where I live there is no shop so I can’t just run out to get tobacco. So once it is thrown out it is gone. In the past when I lived in cities I would throw my cigs out then half an hour later go and buy more. Complete waste of money.

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Yeah I can just walk down in my pjs and buy tobacco :cry:


That moment when you flush your last lot down the toilet and instantly regret it and actually think about reaching in to rescue it as the water begins swirling around it, but you know it’s too late so you just cry. The feels are real.

It gets easier :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t give up using the nautilus, I found the iclear30s better. But now I’m using a sub ohm tank, and I’m getting cig cravings after a year. I’m sure if they were in the house I would have caved in.

Same with Alcohol for me. I gave it up for lent and should just quit altogether.
I should just get 6 packs because a 12 pack means I’ll just drink more and it’s empty calories.
I have to learn when I’m feeling fuzzy I should just take an extra pill, it’s calorie free too.

Anything better than this bad boy on the market, in your opinion? Even more important question - what would you recommend accompanying it with?

I’ve messed with lots of tanks/atomizers, but haven’t played 'round much with different batteries. My wife has taken smoking back up and I think it has a lot to do with how inferior our 2 year old devices are. Upgrade time I think.

Anything better than this bad boy on the market, in your opinion?

I don’t think the nautilus is as good as the innokin iclear30s tank for keeping cigarette cravings at bay. Plus it leaks like a sieve. No leaks with the iclear30s.

I’d get an innokin mvp 3.0 pro battery. It’ll last for days with an innokin iclear30s.

If you want to go sub ohm, I’m using the isub-g tank and have no issues with it.

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Sorry to pester … can you get the mvp 3.0 pro and iclear30s together in any starter kits and at a price that isn’t ridiculous? I’m brining over the contents of my freight forwarding container (that stuff has been there for so long haha) soon, so now is the time for action! I’m in Aus - buying from the USA, despite the weak AUdollar (although it has improved) is usually significantly cheaper.

No , you can get an isub-g /mvp 3.0 pro starter kit only.

Do you already have a variable wattage battery? Maybe you don’t need to upgrade your battery?

Might just be the ticket anyway. I’ve lost touch with all things vape over the past year or two. Back then sub-ohm vaping was out of my league for my headspace. Seems now you can just get it in a kit without having to mod-around.

What are the main differences from the perspective of a smoker between the iclear30s and the isub-g?

I can always get the iclear30s tank in addition to the starter, but money is not something I have to throw around any more, so I’m probably going to have to deliberate and go one way or the other. Probably.

Hey at least this isn’t completely off topic :smiley:

Nope. It died. We’ve got a 2 year old ego unit that barely works and a bunch of tanks that are still fine, but outdated in terms of performance vs new stuff.

What are the main differences from the perspective of a smoker between the iclear30s and the isub-g?

Money unfortunately. You’ll use a LOT more juice. Also you can only use 6mg eliquid, this gives the same hit as 24mg due to the massive clouds. Anything higher than 6mg and you’ll get nic sick.

Edit: also it takes a few days to get used to, as it’s direct to lung inhalation, not mouth to lung.

Understood. More powah = bigger hit = faster consumption. Question: you said “only use 6mg”. Is this definitive or can you go lower? I’m thinking my wife might find the 24mg equivalent quite a knock-around, given she is currently smoking some pretty feeble menthos things. Not even sure what mg they are. It’s more about shaking the cannabis habit.

You can definitely go lower, but I seem to need the 24mg equivalent effect. I’m a heavy nicotine consumer. 6mg is the max, not the min.

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Thank you so much for all your responses. :slight_smile: I think the wife might just be rather surprised by how far these gadgets have come along. She’s never touched a sub-ohm unit and has always lusted after bigger clouds. Yay! I found a way to simultaneously improve her health and well-being AND surprise her. Thanks again.

Starter kit search loading …

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You said it. The choices are overwhelming. And most minimum 6mg. I’m probably asking the wrong person now, but just in case … I’m looking for a menthol that will hide the nicotine taste the best/be the least harsh and probably just 2mg. I’m on MVS (My Vapor Store) … the kit is a decent price. Sifting through the liquids is proving a bit of a nightmare though. Any recommendations? And hopefully other readers benefit :blush: