Well it looks like i am off the cigarettes, just addicted to an ecig now

When i first started using an ecig i would still buy cigarettes here and there but i have not bought any for a long time now and even when i last did it wasn’t often. I don’t like normal cigarettes anymore and i’m slowly saving myself a small fortune as the liquid for these ecigs is cheap :smile:


Same boat as you’re in right now.

I’m gonna try giving up cigarettes right after I quit gambling, stop drinking, ditch the porn addiction, stop talking to chipmunks and stop frying bacon in the nude!

(Am jest keeding!!)

But believe me, quitting smoking is definitely on my to do list. :wink:

Are you using the mvp 3? I remember you said you were going to order it.

I spent a ton on mods and atomisers, can’t stand the throut hit, hope eliquids maybe get more palitible till them i’m sticking with the cigs

Yeah got the mvp 3, battery life is great on it compared to previous ecigs which were lucky to last the day. At the end of my 4th day without a charge and its stll got 3 bars out of 7 charge left. Just ordered my mam one earlier today for her birthday too :smile:

I’m itching to upgrade to an mvp3 from my mvp20 now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Did you get the innokin atomiser too? My mvp20 lasts the day, but I have 2 of them, so can I justify an upgrade. Decisions decisions.

Yeah got the iclear 30s, i think its called that. Good tank.

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Congratulations! Better for your health as well.

Hey electronic cigarettes are not well studied and usually deliver twice as much nicotine.

The patch is the best way to quit. I’ve tried quitting a few times and the patch is the best way to actually stop breathing in poison.

Just don’t wear the patch overnight or you will get nightmares. It gave me nightmares and made me wake up in the middle of the night.

I don’t smoke normal cigs either I buy 100’s and cut the filter off with like 1/4 in to spare.

I smoke double diamonds menthols 100’s when i’m smoking cigs

most unhealthy cigarette you can get

but hey, for 2.50 a pack you cant beat it

and i like them

Good for you!

Each unto their own.

I’m addiicted to the gum. Same old addiction whatever the vehicle of delivery. I think we secretly love our nicotine.