3 Weeks Till School Starts

And I’m super nervous. Everyday I think about dropping my classes, then I think about all the cool people I can meet and how I picked a super easy major so hopefully everything will be ok. I am usually not too open about my Sza but here in America the younger generations are generally educated about it, and not like, super judgmental (at least that’s been my experience).

Sorry everyone, I just needed to vent my anxiety.

Good luck! One day at a time, take notes of everything and smile to people even if you don’t want to socialize :slight_smile: Everything will be fine!

Best wishes

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Thank you Minnii! You’re so positive and cool :smiley:

Here’s a snack :hamburger:

Bon Appetit (I spelled that wrong I know) lol

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Visualization can help. Picture yourself asking questions, learning, and applying the knowledge :slight_smile:

Absolutely. :slight_smile: Thank you. I’m usually a pretty social person, in spite of my disability. I picked fashion design as my major. It’s more of a hobby, plus a friend and I want to design urban/southern Californian style clothes. I hope going to school for it is worthwhile.

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Expressing your concerns tells of your human qualities :slight_smile: Also, your beyond your disability. If you were “disabled” you wouldn’t be “able” to create the short-term goals for long-term happiness. Labeling our conditions places the person in a category – your an individual with unique qualities and ambitions.


I dig it!


Awesome! I’m glad I can be of help to you :slight_smile:

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