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started college and i was able to get disability benefits, so if i need anything specific in class im able to leave without asking permission or record lectures so i dont miss anything ect. ive been able to deal with school pretty well, so far no incidents outside of some pretty intense anxiety the first couple weeks. im in a basic drawing course and im allowed to listen to music while i work the full 3 hours so im able to ignore everyone else in the room except for the professor, its really nice. some of my class mates are very rude and when they make eye contact i feel very very uncomfortable. i start my film studies class this friday and im very excited for it. im struggling right now with my motivation and my depressions been getting me but im trying to ignore it all and push forward.

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Congratulations on starting college! It’s really good that you were able to get disability accommodations at college. Good luck with everything!

P.S. I moved your thread from the Lounge category to the School and Work category. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice work! I do school full time however remotely because my paranoia makes it hard to be in a room full of people.

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