Back in my head... out of my jammies

After a bad night I’ve been pretty shaky and all over in the brain. This morning brushing my teeth didn’t happen. I’ve been breathing, typing, pondering and no where near calm enough to get out of my jammies. The sis is up and moving slowly. (I pulled her through the head circus too. But I didn’t turn the hose on her… this time :cold_sweat: )

But as I type and read and think on other peoples problems then my own and calm down… I feel 100% better. Thank you all for the conversation and the calm…

I am ready to get out of the pj’s and in to some jeans. But I’m keeping the robe on today. It’s warm and cozy. :stuck_out_tongue:

( I like to talk tough, but I’ll most likely go for a shirt too.) :shirt:

I have a smooth set of Nike sweats and black t shirt I like to wear around the house…when I do laundry it’s mostly sweats and t shirts…haha…it takes a lot just to brush my teeth and shower? I think that’s common with the mentally ill…hygiene is something I aspire to keep up since I was so bad about it when I was depressed years ago…I just play my instruments or paint when I feel depressed…sort of an outlet that cheers me up…

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I can live in my jammies for days if I’m allowed to. I spent many a months in my jammies.

When I live in my jammies my sis will dress to the nines every time. So I’m in pj’s and she in a ball gown people think it’s a frat prank of something.

It sort of makes me smile. What a way to go to the store for some milk.

Maybe your sis thinks it will inspire you? I live alone and have no one to inspire me but I am getting accustomed to living alone again…I was married until a few months ago for six years and it is a real adjustment…

I’m sorry to hear that. I hope your doing Ok from that.

I couldn’t imagine living alone now. My kid sis and I are a solid team. Have been since the day she was born. Very best friend to me. She has the strangest sense of humor I have ever met. She has worked a lot on taking the attention off me and my SZ. Some people actually think I’m the normal one and she’s the nutter.

oh, I try and find strength from my higher power and pray a lot about my sadness…I am going to group therapy here in town and get a lot of support from my mom who lives nearby in another town…I just look forward to getting a 12 string guitar I’m saving up for…it’s a “little hope” that keeps me going…thanks for being so supportive surprisedJ…!

I’m glad you’re feeling better! I know it was a rough night. What an intense experience that must’ve been. I can’t even imagine a hallucination that strong.

But you’ve come out of it rather quickly. And we’re all very proud of you for that :slight_smile:

And there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable at home in your robe!



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It’s good to hear that you’re coping with your episode last night. Episodes aren’t fun…I am having a lazy sunday, I am just now eating breakfast. I’ve got school full time starting tuesday so I am enjoying being lazy before I get swamped with reading and homework. I honestly need to get back in school, I have had way too much free time on my hands over this break. I worked out with my friends and spent alot of time with them, which felt like a good break, but I am getting that useless feeling that idle time brings to me.

I am getting personal training from a guy who is my height and one weight class above me who is in the “elite” class, the highest rank. Hopefully I will learn alot from him. I’ve seen him squat 500lbs.

But I know how you feel…some days I just vegetate. I am recovered, I am extremely fortunate to have found meds that work, but I still feel exhausted some days and can find myself ruminating if I don’t call myself on it.

But sorry to talk about myself so much. I am really glad to hear that you’re feeling better after a rough night, and I am also glad to hear that your sister is doing well. I am really glad to hear that you don’t self-medicate, when I had episodes I would just chug alcohol until I didn’t feel any pain. You’re tougher than me! I would pussy out and reach for alcohol!

Thank you guys for the shout out of support. I think the only reason why this one passes so quickly these days is it’s been playing out again and again and again. The family will call it the annual fire drill. I find it hits every few months. I’ve had it for years. I even think it’s to the point were my sis knows it’s going to hit and when because last night, she had her shoes and coat on. So there was something going on with me that let her know …. Fire drill. I think I tinker with stuff and start checking the locks on the doors. But I’ll have to ask her how she knew.

You’re not a weakling for being tempted to grab for the alcohol on something like this. It’s a hard-core bad nasty. It really get’s under the skin. There used to be a lot of physical pain with this one because the old burn scars would hurt again too. Because of this one, it took me so long to get sober. If something like this one was new to me? I’d be in hospital today. But the annual fire drill…. I’m getting better with this one. I’ve been working on knocking this act out of the circus.