Baby squirrels

I have found baby squirrels in my yard today


It is cute !
I had a couple a few years ago…fell out of their nest high in a tree and no mother around. I had a nursing cat so I tried it. figured they would probably die anyways, so why not.
One got eaten but I stayed with the second and hooked it up to the cat, and it started nursing. Momma cat sniffed it and then seemed ok with it. I rubbed it all over the kittens before I did this too so it would have kitten scent.
It nursed for 3 days but then one morning I found it dead smothered under the 4 kittens. they were at least twice the size of the squirrel so its amazing it made it 3 days in that box.

A friend from the upper peninsula of Michigan send me a picture of a baby squirrel being fed through an eyedropper from 1900, cool stuff!

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these 2 babiy squirrels seem to need their mama, I don’t have a mama cat, that’s a good idea tho. we took the one baby to the humane society (my dog had gotten it and it seemed hurt) and this other one we put under the tree, I hope it’s ok

You can always use an eye dropper and warm milk…sorry to say but without its momma it’s not going to make it out there. I don’t think squirrels pick up their babies and carry them like a mother cat does, even if momma is around…

thank you, I’ll try that next. the baby came out of the garden near the tree and up to the front door, seems very weak. i put it in a container, gave it water, raisins, bread, peanuts, but it’s not interested. maybe it needs some milk.

this must be his brother, the black one, I just found it, and it’s digging into the nutela

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Seems it adopted you…came to the door…

Idk of they can eat on their own yet so I’d give it milk and water with an eye dropper, medicine dropper.
the black one is eating on its own though?

good news is that both the red and the black baby squirrel have eaten the nutella, and the neighbor girls are feeding them milk with an eye dropper. both babies seems to have more energy now than they did before, I’ll put them in the shed and see how they are in the morning.

My ButterNut tried to eat the 3rd one, we took it to the humane society. ButterNut is really a vicious hunter Jack Russell, I didn’t realize these things were so ferocious

yes, the black one is eating on its own and is very strong

the red one is the weaker one. I have 5 kids here and have put them in charge, they think the red one has eaten the nutella is is doing better, and they brought a dropper over with milk. the red and the black squirrel babies do seem better, i put them in the garden shed for now, as the kids are quite noisy. the squirrels have raisins, cashews, and bread.nutella so I’m hoping in the morning the baby squirrels will be good and maybe I can put them in the tree to keep them away from my ferocious ButterNut. She’s really a nice little dog, I cannot believe she’s such a killer!

She’s a Jack Russel, a natural Squirrel hunter!

A must read.

Cool they are eating though, now you must make sure they are not eaten…

wow, thank you for the article! I had no idea that jack russels were like this.
I have been keeping her on the patio, near my vegetable garden to keep the rabbits and squirrels away, and that is all she does chase and hunt. if she gets off the leash, she’s like a machine, runs and runs and chases critters, eats them if she can, until she collapses.

I thought it was great at first, chased all the rabbits away, caught and ate quite a few, but now I’m at a loss at how to train her to come to me when I call her, she just keeps going and going and going :blush:

the baby squirrels are alive and well, surviving the garden shed, ate all the raisins and nuts I provided. I’m not sure they’re old enough to live on their own, they are so small, and my
ButterNut is waiting to eat them, and they don’t really run up a tree yet.

Oh…yes! people sometimes get them specifically to get rid of varmints in their yard, and they will even clear rodents out of a house.

"Jack Russell Terriers were originally bred to assist with foxhunting. The Jack Russell would find the fox and get it out of the ground to be chased by the foxhounds and hunters. Jack Russells were later used to hunt badgers and rats, frequently seen in organized rat-killing competitions before they were banned.

Read more :

what should we name him, now he’s in my house :slight_smile:
it could be a girl, i’m not sure…

it seems to not be able to care for itself, I placed it in my tree, but later found it sleeping on the ground, not sure what the deal is. giving it more food and water, nutella and honey, now it’s asleep in the window. My ButterNut will eat it if it stays on the ground, plus I was afraid I’d mow over the little thing. it’s friend, the red squirrel must still be in the tree, not sure :frowning:

Should probably get a large cage for it then for when the dog is in…seems like it’s taken to you and is not interested in squirrel life in the trees.

I think it’s going back into my recycle bin with food and water, and back into the garden shed for now, I have to keep the ButterNut and the squirrel apart :slight_smile:

or perhaps I’ll try one more time to put it into the tree and hope it stays there overnight, dumb thing curled up on the ground and was asleep as I went to mow the grass… I’m attached to it now too unfortunately :slight_smile: I don’t usually like squirrels, they are rather destructive and taking over the neighborhood

You are chancing it by putting it out now…because it has gotten used to being out of its natural environment the fact it comes down out of the tree shows it isn’t thinking much about dangers as it normally would, plus it probably smells the dog scent and might think it ok since it hasn’t been harmed.
In other words, it may have been assimilated into being a pet.

Squirrels are very mischievous…they will go above you in high branches and drop acorns on you, raid bird feeders, dig holes in your lawn for old acorns, etc…

i tend to think there is a problem with this animal baby. it spent the night in my window sill quite happily, didn’t leave the window sill at all. i have given it a bowl of water and some more nutella. it is curled up in a ball asleep in my kitchen window right now, and has been there since dinner last night.

you’re right, now i’m not sure what to do. my dog knows it’s here too, perhaps they’ll become friends?

i could take it to the humane society, not sure what to do

It’s gotten used to the house and feels safe there. Some wild animals will do that… It lost its Mom somehow and now you’re its Mom.
You could take it to humane society…not sure what they would do with it…
Or to be safe if you keep it get a large cage, put it near the window it seems to like, and let it out when dog is outside.
I wouldn’t trust the dog…I had my white wolf appear friendly to cats but behind my back killed a few, which included some eating…ew… She made a mistake of trying to get my big Coon cat though, he tore up her nose and ears pretty good and was the only cat she got ahold of she didn’t kill…

Here’s a good pic of that cat…I buried him with the black wolf when he died, since he and she often hung out together…

that’s a good idea, the little guy (I think it’s a boy…) seems content to sleep in the window sill. every once in awhile, he gets a burst of energy, climbs up the screen, but otherwise, he’s quite content to sit and watch me in the kitchen.

I was thinking of getting a rabbit trap cage, then I can reuse it to trap all the pesky rabbits around the neighborhood.

that’s a pretty cat :slight_smile:

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