My dog just caught a baby squirrel

I saw her scurrying after something and then I saw her grab it by the tail. I called my dad outside. Maggie then let it go and pawed at it and chased it around a little bit. I don’t think she was trying to kill it or anything, she just wanted to play with it. Anyway, we decided we had better take her inside and give the poor thing a chance to get away. For whatever reason it doesn’t seem to be able to climb the tree. It’s just sitting there at the base hiding. Here is a pic of the squirrel.


Hope the little guys okay. Thanks for helping him and bringing your dog inside. He was just playing with his little friend.

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It’s either frozen in fear or injured. Keep you and your dog far back for awhile. If it scurries away it was frozen.

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I just went out to check on it and it has moved…I have no idea where to.


It probably went up that tree. A hero like you is not born everyday.

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Lol. aww thanks.

I honestly don’t know why it didn’t climb up the tree before…Maggie was just more or less poking at it near the end(after she let go of it’s tail of course). It had plenty of opportunities to climb up. Either it was just scared and paralyzed or it has climbing issues.

My last dog used to love chasing squirrels!
My new puppy doesn’t seem interested in other critters.
Maybe she’s too young.


Oh poor little critter. Probably scared it half to death.


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