The birds and squirrels are my pets


I no longer have a dog and honestly I don’t think I’m ready or well enough to own another dog or even a cat.

But I love animals, so outside in our backyard we have a bird feeder set up and we also get plenty of squirrels and larger birds like doves and pigeons feeding on the birdseeds that have fallen to the ground.

Lately I’ve been feeding the squirrels and birds nuts and breadcrumbs, sprinkling it on the ground under the bird feeder.

I love to watch the different birds and squirrels feeding on the tid bits I left them.

I consider them my winged and furry friends :smile:


Happy cake day.

The squirrels here tease my dogs. They haven’t caught one yet but they keep trying.


Thanks @TomCat.

Yeah my last dog would chase after the squirrels all the time.

He almost caught one once but he never did.


Here in the country we have lots of birds and squirrels. We also have deer, possums, and the neighbors’ pesky dogs. They like to come into our yard and bark at me.


We have the geese visiting on our lake today. They don’t come very often. They were kinda far away when I took the picture.

They are picky eaters. The ducks will eat anything I give them.


I feed some stray cats. But I now have a sneaking suspicion that they’re not stray and actually have homes and are just coming to me for seconds.


Birds are highly intelligent creatures. Kudos to you for caring for them. I would love to have a cat but my place is so small I don’t know if a cat would be happy here.


Yes birds are intelligent creatures, so are squirrels.

I like cats too but I’m more of a dog person.


I don’t like the idea of ‘owning’ an animal I’m too irresponsible. But if you’re up to it, I know a lot of us here make good pet keepers.


Very cool! I love squirrels. They get a bad rap for going into bird feeders, but they need to eat too! I’m glad you’re giving them treats of their own.

Happy cake day, btw. :slight_smile:


Thank you @Shmookitty! :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it’s nice that you find it peaceful. If you haven’t already pick up a cheap bag of raw or unsalted peanuts. The squirrels and some of the larger birds get super excited about them. I used to have a bluejay that would fly down and take them from my hand. I moved to a new house and haven’t established that level of trust with the jays here yet, but the squirrels are getting to know me.

Happy Cake day :smiley:


You have my complete and undivided attention!

I also really like the idea of your nuts in my mouth.



Envy you for having such a lovely backyard. As a city rat I only have two balconies.


Nuts are a nutritious nutcessity. Small nuts. Big nuts. Nutella. Nutting else matters.



Nothing beats nature. Can be so relaxing looking out at the birds or small animals that frequent your home.


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