Feeding squirrels peanut butter

Today is Day 1 of my experiment in feeding squirrels peanut butter. Next to the chair where I sit most of the day is a window which looks out over my downstairs neighbor’s porch roof. The other day a squirrel came up to the window just staring at me. So I bought some peanut butter.

Last night I left some out on the roof, and it was gone when I woke up. I put more out and waited a while…a squirrel came up and began eating the stuff! It was awesome. He didn’t finish it though.


hope his mouth isnt dry, that can hurt

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Feed them nuts, it’s better for them.

No jelly?
I was feeding the squirrels and crows on my lunch break yesterday at work. I eat my lunch in my car and I was trowing out pieces of bread and pieces of a peanut butter energy bar.

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