There's this guy at my work...,

So I was just asking the kitchen for a Coke cos the vending machine wasn’t working…, and then whilst I was asking I noticed a guy look at me to check whose talking.

I briefly glimpsed at him cos I was shy.

And I got a nice vibe feeling n he seemed cute too thou the glance was extremely brief :grimacing:

In 2 weeks time I’m considering to approach him cos dats wen I lost a bit of weight.

Well idk if I can think of a reason to approach him.

I could ask him for another Coke lol.


But it’s a secret… Don’t tell anyone please :shushing_face: lol.

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Damn, I look at women all the time but none of them approach me. :frowning:

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I was approached by a cute young lady this weekend.

I had dropped my lens cap without realizing it and she picked it up and handed it back.



It´s hard for me beeing in the game when I think I´m overweight or I don´t like my body. Even if a girl approaches me I would avoid her. It´s something related to beeing confortable naked.

How many and which size?

Didn’t I see you post recently that you were going to stop talking about men and potential romance on here?

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What you perceive might be true, but you’ve seemed unstable in the relationship area to be honest. I think you should see your pdoc and tell him about your fixations to see if you need med changes before you start flirting with anyone.

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She changed her mind. Big deal. :crocodile::crocodile::crocodile:


Am I not allowed to change my mind on that statement or?

I won’t be spamming or at least try not to.


Hope it’s OK with you…

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You’re allowed to change your mind… it’s just annoying cause you do it all the time on here. Ooohhh I wanna lose weight, oh wait no I want a coke. Oooohh im asexual now guys! Oh wait no I had sex with a guy and enjoyed it.


Geez @TheCanuk . Calm down :rofl:


You forgot std…

I’m feeling calm right now. Annoyed, but calm lol.

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Oh… Sorry Canuk. I dunno wat to say.

Im sorry that I annoy you.

I am trying to be consistent where necessary thou.

It’s just really difficult sometimes. For me

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No need to say sorry. Just try to stick to things more often.

I do try…

My best even.

But I’ll try harder. Thankyou @TheCanuk

Take things easy man.

We all have our little kinks and quirks.

I’m sure I can be annoying always talking about horror and paranormal shite.

Live and let live. Just let people be themselves.

:slight_smile: :v:


Yes i know, im not expecting anyone to be perfect. Cause I know im not perfect. I just get annoyed with certain peoples patterns of posting. @Montezuma

@TheCanuk, some people are seeking attention…
Some desperately