I was talking to my colleague about my date yesterday

I told him we didn’t get on and he must not like me cos I’m fat. He said even I got a tummy wth lol I wasn’t talking about him lol does that indicate he likes me because if he does why doesn’t he ask me lol ugh guess he doesn’t. I just want him to.

I think he just said that to make you feel better, I wouldn’t draw any conclusions off that comment.

Your office probably doesn’t like office romances. If that’s not an issue you can ask him out. :slight_smile:

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This sounds like a promising relationship. It won’t hurt to check it out.

Lol I can’t ask him I work with him it’s been a year I can’t say anything

My manager had a baby with a senior lol

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Ask him out than :smile:

I sit next to him want no awkwardness

You can hold hands under the table :heart_eyes:


Yeah he will say no lol

Than don’t do anything, it’s for the best :slight_smile:

Yeah lol can’t wait to leave so I can ask him lol

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