I am crap at being assertive
I work at charity shop and go university study management
I chose to use charity as my work experience but never asked them or told them I was using them as work experience I gave them a document to look at and later asked for it back. They had not signed it so yesterday I asked assistant manageress to sign it and she said waiting for document so I said I gave document to the manager so she said leave it for him and ask him tomorrow so today planned to ask him to sign but didn’t
If they don’t sign my document I will fail. It sucks this lack of assertiveness

I can’t assert myself either. It sucks.

I know my assertiveness has taken a beating over the years. I don’t speak up for myself. This illness has stripped away my self confidence and for years… when I would try and tell people something… I wasn’t even sure what I saw was real.

It’s taken a long time to get confident and start asking for what I want.

I’m too assertive I think unless I’m anxious. Then I mumble a lot.