Ashamed of being German

My name is German so people can know I’m German (at least half) by only knowing my name. I am as ashamed of it’s connection to Hitler as I have been about Trump. I’m so glad his era is over.

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chordy hitler era is past u shouldnt feel ashame ,and not all germans liked hitler.


You are no more responsible for the actions of a Hitler, or a trump then you are for what the neighbour did to his dog. Those acts belong to those people, not you.


I think most people have moved past the idea that Germans = Nazis.
I certainly don’t think that. Even people with relatives who were directly Nazis - so much time has passed that it hardly seems fair to hold on to that link as some way to determine someone’s worth/value/ethics.


I respect Germany for the way they responded after world war two. The Germans hate Hitler as much as others if not more.


Germans aren’t all bad, it’s not all about Hitler lol

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I thought I was Hitler when in psychosis and went living in Germany for 4 months. I thought my bloodline, my family and me have elite genes. I even thought about marrying my first degree cousin because she has elite genes like me lol


Thank you all for your comments. They made me feel better. I was living in the past too much. It was a terrible time in our history but it is over and it is time to heal.


The Germany of today is globally respected, especially prominent during the previous us president’s term.


I’ve never heard a German articulate this vulnerability… I don’t know too many or know them too well though. Heck I have no friends anymore!

Still I learned from ancestry I may have Viking blood. So I have pillaging and plundering under my belt apparently : ).

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My grandmother’s maiden name was Copenhaver. She was born in 1927. She was a young woman during WWI and WWII. She’s a kind person who cares about everyone. As far from Hitler’s ideologies as one can get. Think of the Germans who helped the Jews during WWII.


Adding to my post is that I shouldn’t compare struggles; I should simply identify them… or to say another way: ‘Don’t make false equivalencies.

I said I may be Viking… things feel like that really could be true. But even I have some things I’m too embarrassed to write on here

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I thought the same thing once I don’t know what it is about Hitler

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I had a Jewish room mate one year. She looked at me one day and said, “I guess we’re bitter.” I didn’t even respond.

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Can u even speak German?

I have German in me I never made the connection to hitler there’s no reason to be ashamed of anything

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My moms uncles sister married a famous nazi but I’m not related to that family. I’m mostly Irish. she married goerring or however you pronounce it

It’s the machines fault. They put a nutcase on the top who in turn made bad people his inner circle. German soldiers would be executed themselves if they didn’t follow orders.

People like von staufenberg proves that many germans wanted a differerent world and future than hitler did. There were like 14 assasination attempts on hitler by his own people.

You can’t blame a whole nation for what a few leaders did. Don’t be ashamed.


When my moms aunt married her husband the fbi contacted them and said they have nazi connections

Just a little. With a little study, I could probably get by.