When I was a baby, it was popular to hate Germans

It would be difficult for you kids to understand the hype that used to go on about being at war with someone - people “couldn’t wait to get in” it. I was in the US with a naturalized citizen father born in Germany. Both my parents buckled under the pressure of the social hatred of the day. Might be a large part of the cause of my sz.

Being raised by a soldier from ww2 might have had a lot to do with it. The fact that he had unresolved ptsd and issues from that war. Has more to dp with your sz then what you posted. But as the song says All and all it’s just anther brick in the wall.

Oh, Dad wasn’t a soldier. This was all civilian hatred on the home front. He’d go to work and if the news was that the Germans had won a battle, his co-workers would say “I’ll bet you’re happy, now.” Stuff like that.

Yeah sorry between just waking, low sugar levels and can’t seem to find what I did wih my coffee jar. I’m pretty much a mess. Yes I do recall now.

Most of what I did post was true though in that it’s a very small part of the puzzle that is chordy

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People can be real bastards. Hopefully we’ll overcome that.

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During the great war, Congress drafted a law changing the name of the hamburger.

Hating Germans is a national sport in my country, lol

I doubt that sz is hereditary. I’ve never studied psychiatry before though.

That sucks that some people hate all German people because of a psycho tweeker.

I know more than a few really great German people.