Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity

I had never considered I was asexual but the bit in bold certainly applies to me.


I feel like i am asexual…its because of my medicine…take care and @firemonkey what did u had in the lunch …Pizza right…

Pork and pickle pies(2 mini ones) . I’ve got a broccoli and tomato quiche I’ll have on Friday as I’ve got to use the pork and pickle pies by tomorrow.

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All my life I was very bisexual. But, now, I am asexual because of my meds.

I consider myself asexual and agender.

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I’m asexual but I’d be ok with dating someone if they were a good fit with me.

some feel i am.

i’m not motivated by it, yet it doesn’t offend me.

one theory is the psychotic episodes have damaged my brain, my cognition.

i view it as play. that could be the damaged part talking.

I think that now I am asexual mostly. I don’t think it is because of the meds. For some reason when I started getting ill, one of the things that happened was that I lost interest in sex. I used to be somewhat bisexual, but always very picky.

I have never been in a relationship or cared for one, I’m not strongly repulsed but I won’t search for one.

I am a biromantic asexual.

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