Is it possible for an asexual to have romantic feelings?

Even if those feelings are not sexual ? I have strong feelings for my partner but I’m not feeling anything sexually. I’ve talked to him. It’s the guilt eating me up from the time I got ill. I feel bad for cutting him out of my life that time. And I feel I’ve always been not that into sex like most people are. . Ever since I can remember.


Well I don’t consider myself asexual, but I’m not much into sex anymore. I do have strong feelings towards my partner, and he’s the only one who excites me sexually. I got a really sweet poetic love letter note from him last night. Other men don’t excite me like he does.


Asexual just means you arent sexually attracted to anyone, or at least not in the typical way. Theres lots of sub labels under the asexual spectrum. Romantic and sexual feelings are separate and not always going to line up, especially if youre asexual or aromantic. My attraction to others seems solely tied to my drive, most of the time i am not a sexual person at all and find no one attractive. Like i just dont care about it at all. I dont really want to put a definite label on it anymore, its complicated and i dont really get it but i know i would date people regardless of gender.


I know antipsychotic medications cause low libido but I always had low libido. My libido was induced by the constant sex talk among my peers. I followed suit. I personally believe asexual people can think they are gay. Anybody know the answer to this: what’s the difference between transgender and gay? I heard of someone who said he was asexual transgender. What’s up with that?

It is difference between gender and sexual orientation.

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I don’t think I’m gay but I’ve considered the possibility. I don’t see myself with women…

Not always. Abilify , for example, can have the opposite effect.

I’m am in no way an expert in this field, but I think trangender is about your gender , and gay is about is about your orientation. One is about what sex you are and one is about who you are attracted to.


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