As got me thinking

A few days ago i was drinking and was listening to some music and i started reading the comments on youtube and it seemed like most of the comments were about me they said am nearly repentant which i found weird because i have repented and they said hes got a blisster on is thumb and i dod actually have a blister their. They said alot of stuff and none of it was nice. Very strange dont know what to think. As anybody else being through this? Cheers

I would say, don’t drink. :crocodile::crocodile::crocodile:

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Synchronicities. Part metaphysical, part made up connections by you. Doesn’t happen much if well treated. Also stop drinking, worsens SZ.

Look at ideas/frames of reference. It’s a positive symptom and feeds paranoia and delusions.

Beers got nothing to do with it veer actually helps calms me down. I know what frames of reference is and thats not it. They was really sending me messages on youtube i checked day after and they disappeared some funky technology it wasnt an hallucination

Alcohol damages the blood brain barrier. Alcohol without food is actually way worse even since all the alcohol gets absorbed then.

Alcohol helps me tho most of the time. They wont give me benzo so beer is my benzo

Maybe the messages you interpreted have to do more about your subconscious. Like it’s about reading something important to rethink your life. I’m sure it wasn’t directed at you. Even though it may feel like it.

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