Just being honest here. I hope it doesn't disappoint too much


well, I did stop smoking cigarettes but I still do smoke weed about once a week when I can and I said I was “straight edge” but it’s not like that. As a matter of fact, this coming Monday I am breaking my sobriety again by getting Rum and Cokes for me, Angie, and my best friend Matt when he visits. I only decided to drink socially. I hope you guys don’t beat me down on this one. I just wanted to be honest.


I used to smoke weed, do LSD, shrooms and drink. Now I’m 5 months sober living in a sober home. Definitely not going back to the “paranoia inducing” drugs. But may drink again. I believe drinking is probably better for a person with SZ to do than smoke weed or do hallucinogens but who knows. Drinking eased the paranoia for me. I won’t beat you down on this but the weed starts to take it’s toll after a while, getting more paranoid. It could trigger psychotic episodes for those pre-disposed to it.


Life is too short to deny yourself every pleasure.

We live in a very health-conscious culture, but I think the obsession with purity leads to other stressors.

Aristotle said that virtue was a golden mean between self-denial and over-indulgence.

I hope you find that balance.