You're gonna fu-ck-ing die Sheri if you don't stop drinking

Been a long time since I was nearly killed. Sorry. Everybody hates it.

Do you drink much daze?

Beer. Lots. 15151515

You need to give it up for the sake of your health. I drank 4 beers last night and couldn’t sleep a wink


I drink too much too but I do t get drunk cause I spread it out. Somehow I got into thinking beer can replace food. Not good

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Drinking fuucks up everything, nervous system included. I only drink on rare occasions and I try to get 4 liters of water in me a day. I have about 5 cups of black tea a day which is also a diuretic and dehydrates me but I figure I could be on worse things.


Beer damages the brain. That’s probably why you are having delusions of government using weapons on you.

This is the brain (SPECT) scan of a health person vs. a moderate drinker:


Wow, 4 glasses of wine a day counts as being a moderate drinker in that study? I highly disagree. That seems like a lot.

I really hope you can quit for good @Daze. Have you looked into Naltrexone and AA?

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@Daze I don’t know what to say except you have my support.


What??? You know nothing and won’t look into it so just shut up !

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I drink far too much but I don’t think there is anything wrong about a few pints of beer at the weekend. You have to unwind.

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Just curious, what meds are you on?

I read that alcohol mixed with antipsychotics can result in brain impairment.

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Coming from a fellow piss-artist i can tell you probably get grief from your drinking. Even if you cut down a little it would help. Yes im aware it takes a f!ckton of willpower, but you will feel better for it.

I will never judge you for drinking - its probably part of your coping mechinism, but maybe make the odd note when you have that glass of beer. It might make you realise its time to cut down. x

I used to drink huge amounts of beer, but I’m off of it now. It’s been two and a half years.

No beer today or tomorrow. I’m out and I’m not buying more

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