Artistic or Mathematical mind

Some say people can be grouped into either artistic or mathematical. Do you have an artistic touch? colorful and vivid imagination? do you draw or paint? or do you think numerically, are you rigid in your thinking patterns. Are you into numbers or like to measure things up? I fall into the Artisitc group, Im starting to draw again since Ive been taking the new med and I have a very vivid imagination- for better or worse. Which category do you fall into more? Some people are a bit of both


I would say i am neither artistic(apart from the odd third rate poetry) or mathematical. Although if forced to plump for one i would pick the former.

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I am very much both. I’m very creative and and artistic. I love numbers/math/science.

A great example of both art and math coming together is music. Music is VERY numerical (with time signatures, semitones, rests, note lengths, tempos…etc.) Then there’s the beautiful artistic side of music. The dynamic volume, vibrato, personal expression, and how these color the notes to paint an audible picture. In short, music is awesome.

The closest thing you can get to that with painting is color-by-number. Lol


I would say I’m closer to artistic because I do write short stories and poetry. I can draw a little, but I can’t keep a steady hand so it’s not very good. I am definitely not mathematically minded. I hit a brick wall once I hit Algebra 2 and never did well in a math class again. One of the misfortunes in my life is I kept on trying to do math and science related courses in a failed attempt to get a meteorological degree even though my talent was in writing.


I would say that I am artistic. I have had a few art shows and currently have some stuff in a gallery but I not very prolific. There are long pauses between pieces depending on my symptomology. I am also a self-taught pianist. I play well enough to entertain myself. I guess that is all that matters.


My Mom is a high school math/ science teacher, My Dad is a high school art/ history teacher.

I’ve got both just because my parents poured it into my head.


I would say that I’m more mathematically minded. I always loved math courses in college. I also had a hard time at more creative courses, like writing or art.

I do play piano, but I attribute that to the more mathematic side of my brain. I can occasionally be creative though, and write a melody or modify an arrangement.

I have a lot of respect for the creative types–especially those who excel in drawing/painting. I would love to be able to do that!




I am an artistic mind…

A few years ago I took some painting classes. I did four paintings. I also use to write a lot. I guess I am also artistic.

Artistic but very rational. I think math sucks but I enjoy science (I am a psych major). I daydream and sometimes draw.

Algebra 2 was the breaking point for me too.And when I began have to read for the ideas the literature held from me. I write too,now and dabble in art.

I vary, I’ve always been good at art in the eye of people who behold it but when I was younger I was only good at copying so not very artistic and I was very rigid but when I became psychotic I could suddenly create art, I could imagine and create many things and still can. However I thrive with rigid and straight to the point science! I didn’t at school and I do struggle with it but I do well now having just done an entire module on biological psychology and passed with 80% I’ve always been rubbish at maths, can’t stand it! I’d say I’m very much an artistic mind but I can flip and think sciencey :D!

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Music and Mathematics seems to be a good combination. I have a brief idea from Calculus and Engineering Mathematics and I was mostly an amateur free music improviser.


I enjoy playing Chess…

“Not every artist is a chess player, but every chess player is an artist.”

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I like math and I’m decent at it. But I fall more into the artistic side for sure.

I love to play guitar, sing and write. I have started writing like four books, but never finished them lol.

I used to draw a lot, and I still do when I am designing clothing ideas, stuff like that.


Well, I draw and paint and failed pre-calculus, so I’d say I’m artistic and just jealous of people who have mathematical talents.

I do like research, stuff like using statistics for the social sciences software program and also some other software I use for my schooling was science-based.

I love math and John Nash’s game theory (I also love John Nash rip), but I just can’t figure it out. During psychosis in trigonometry class, the numbers and symbols on the page would either float away or rearrange themselves so I couldn’t read the problem. I eventually managed to pass that class another semester (on meds),


"Music and Mathematics seems to be a good combination."
Especially when you get into a lot of complex music theory.

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@azteccelt Yes there are many relationships, for example themes like Fibonacci sequence and music. I am not at the point to apply much mathematical concepts since I just know basic theory, notions. I would like to know more about harmony and composition/improvisation. “Math is music” and on the other hand mathematics can complement music in case you turn a starving artist. And both may involve creative thinking and imagination. For me it is all by pure interest I do not pursue a job any more, I do fit the superior education system, universities, then I can not certify my knowledge or skills if I need. I prefer to stay free and look for my challenges. There is always something to learn and to improve. Mathematics is a science that not always involve big equipments, it is a plus. Unless you really need a super computer or something like that! We never know.


Very intelligent analysis of theory and math! I just play the standard blues and rock signatures. You seem like you’re light years ahead of me on theory and composition :smiley:

Math is music. True.

And I hear you on interests vs. jobs. I’m on disability atm but I would like to hopefully find a career one day where I can work on the side and make a little extra money. That’s why I am going back to school. Fashion design (my major) is competitive, but it’s only an associate’s degree, plus I have veteran’s benefits to help out with the cost of tuition.

I already have two A.A.S. degrees and I went to film school in Seattle.

I love learning, I just wish someone would pay me to get my PhD HAHA!

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I would say I am more artistically minded although I haven’t drawn for a while.

This is the last thing I drew, about nine months ago: