What's your talent?

Do you have a certain talent? drawing, sculpting, art, acting, dancing, singing, history, science, biology, mathematics, physics, philosophy, creative design, business, management, programming, reading, sports, gymnastics, poetry, writing, …etc Do you make money by using your talent, or can your talent get you money? or is it only a hobby ?
I’m interested in everything actually, my obsession involves everything crosses my eyes or senses, and I can’t focus on one thing but I try so hard to squeeze my powers in one or two things in life, I guess my talent is in drawing, sculpting and arts in general and I work in design, and management. I did poetry, written stories, I love sciences and mathematics and I’m trying to make them my second talent…What about you?

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I am the good but not great at everything kind of person. I am great at psychology, I am majoring in it, but thats more like my job and not a talent. I am a good weightlifter, but not first class, i am good at drawing but not great, ect. I am talented in French though. I had a french national friend in high school (i went to an international high school, most of my friends have foreign parents and are bilingual) and he basically made me awesome at french.

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they told me i could do anything i wanted.
so i tried everything, but find that to go to the depth i want to in some hobbies
means i don’t have time for all of them, and i have to drop them to the side regularly.
i think they say it’s common in mania to start a million projects;
just stands to reason that you’ll never finish 'em all.
after a few decades of studying and hobbying, currrent priorities i guess are a rich a set as ever:

teaching myself chinese caligraphy (cause half this stuff I say doesn’t go over at all for the western mind and some of this stuff oughta be caligraphy posters for the eastern taoist buddhist mind),

and practicing alchemy, advanced taoist super magic by intuition is i guess how to explain it, takes up time in the day and the night, involves junior astronomy, calendar studies, tracking gamma ray bursts on a website and integrating them, buying candles and incense and maintaining a mysterious altar

  • great at cleaning and helping people move, love to do people’s dishes or clean their floors and kitchens, they think i’m loosing the game and they don’t understand i think they are, different game i guess, roomates always love the change though, always heard everybody wants to be chief nobody indian, think that must be their problem with the cleaning, i always wanted to be indian not chief, always was taught to serve others, like jesus, my catholic priest dad always told me.

  • devouring european nobel prize winning literature, anything remotely like war and peace, city lights bookstore in sanfrancisco - where do you think this writing style comes from?

  • and self cultivation, most important, which is very time consuming and involves weights, sauna, walking and hiking, diet - both gathering and preparing it, cause you don’t get this kinda diet outta restaurants - and sleep and mediation and measured breath, and figuring out the meaning of the universe…

yeah, that’s what i’m good at, reading cutting edge science and translating it into the spirit world.

and presenting the psychotic view on anything and everything, annoying my roomate he says im like pinkleton to ricky gervais, now he knows why ricky gervais berates the irrationalist taoist every day - cause he feels it too,

but nobody is every gonna pay me for any of that, except maybe the cleaning, which pays low, same as bike messenger which i used to lve but also pays real low, so i do IT, boring as an accountant, work from home, top tier super consultant - im a citrix guy for 15 years now, kinda senior, that’s this month, who knows when i’ll next be outta work and traveling cross county cause that’s how it goes in this industry.

\they always say you should love what you do. i disagree. get a skill that pays for what you need, hell though it will probably be. make sure you don’;t dedicate too much of yourself to it, so you have time to pursue all the things you really want to do but nobody will pay you for.

my advice makes alot more sense in an economhy like this than our parents teaching you should love what you do


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i am brilliant , if i say so my self at being sz, though it does not pay well !
take care

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i’m a professional cake taster and a master chocolate muncher, i have a PHD in coffee and tea and i major in refreshional delicacies hahaha x


Have you lost any weight, daydreamer?

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I’m good at writing. I think I can write good enough to sell. But don’t have any sticktoitiveness.

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Finding things.
I have a knack for finding lost things for people. I like to do to this, no charge though. Did get a reward a few times.

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Talent seems to be a trade off.
I write better then I talk. I can read better then I can listen. I swim better then I surf. I can do geometry very easily, I can’t figure out certain household appliances. I can sculpt better then I can draw. I am starting to have better luck with plants and trees then machines. I’m trying to cultivate a talent for being at peace.

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I can juggle four tennis balls at the same time.


I am an artist too. I work with every medium I can get my hands on. I am just learning how to knit but I already crochet.


I paint and draw, play guitar, bass, and can play the didjeridu. all self taught. I also have some skill with leather-working - I hand-stitch pouches handbags purses and make longstitch leatherbound books.

They are only hobbies, I have a real hard time translating any of my talents into money.
I have a real hard time with the of crowds one has to put up with on the rendezvous/pow-wow/craft show circuit. I tried a few last season and it just wasn’t happening. It’s also extremely hard to keep the energy and urge to produce steadily. It just runs out all the time. at some point if i can get my medication straightened out and get on the level, i would like to try again to market my work.

When I am able to practice these hobbies, i enjoy them more than anything, painting and drawing is one of the only ways i have ever been able to communicate my own thoughts and experiences to others without stumbling over words to do it.


I’m not creative at all. i write in a journal just for me but it’s not well written just to get my feelings out. I use to write stories when i was younger but haven’t done that in years. I wish i was though more creative… I really admire the creative types ability. One talent i wish i had is I wish i could sing. I think that would be awesome. Not even as a famous singer but just to sing at church or in restaurants or wherever would be really neat.

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I’d like to be know for more the my talent I am a Dr of motors and have hundreds of cars trucks and farm equ I have gorked on in my life I started as a cartoon artest

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I draw with digital art programs and my mouse.Also like to write words. I can draw on anything not just my pc. I can draw magically on a wall/ceiling/floor with nothing but my mind.I re-arrange the molecules to make pictures appear.I can do this outside in plain air also.

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I’m teaching myself to paint. If I figure out how to share on here I’ll post some. Is there a way to share artwork? If not I’ll link to a website.

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Leather-working sounds so fun. I made a really awesome vase in pottery class one year. I was proud because I followed it out of a book I brought while the teacher was busy doing simple stuff, and I made a really pretty pineapple vase, I tinted it and everything. Haha.

You can upload an image with your post, I guess the creative category is made for that.

I find painting with a pen tablet much more fun and fast.

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i can write some poetry i guess,

i write on www.allpoetry.com and my username is freakpoetry

its pretty good i think but i think i have a unique style but i could be wrong, i’m not sure lol
its a work in progresss anyway ha and its constantly evolving (when i can be bothered to write) that is

i never really get writers block like some people, i can always think of something but its whether i can be bothered to write or not thats the problem lol x

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