Are your voices constant from dawn to dusk

Are you voices constantly always talking to you. Mine dont stop and tell me that ism the weakest being ever and iam going to get tortured for it for the end of days and that my family passed the test and are gods and hate me for smoking ciggs


Do meds help you at all? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

No they dont do any thing

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Tried clozapine currently on saphris

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That sucks. Clozapine works for me. I hope you find something that helps and you get some relief from those voices. :deer::deer::deer:

Thank you I hope I do to

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Olanzapine or Abilify could possibly help you. Talk to your doctor about it

Tried abilify didn’t do any thing to me

Geodon works for me but I had visuals with voices more than just voices.

I am glad it works or I would be a mess.

Good luck finding a better med.

When I had voices they tortured me 24/7 for years with similar things.

Thankfully the voices stopped.

It was agonising.

Hope your voices stop aswell.


Mine speak much more in the night time hours. Many days I go through the sunny part without as much as a peep, but when the sun goes down it starts again :open_mouth:

That’s one of the reasons I’m on this forum a lot during sundown hours, to help me cope.


Abilify has made me worse and suicidal

Yesssss mine wake me up saying the most terrible ■■■■!

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Mine yell and scream sometimes and scare the shizzz outta me!

Thanks man means alot


Mine don’t stop. They let me sleep with headphones and tv on, but will wake me up.

I’m right here with you, being tortured by voices all day long.

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Yeah man the struggle it will get better though

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Wat do they say to you

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Yep. I try to think of them as nothing but simple mindless recordings that repeat over and over and have no true strength.

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Not from dawn to dusk.
One or two hours after I wake up.

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