Are your voices constant from dawn to dusk

The voices say things similar to yours. They say it’s because of smoking. And I abused a prescription for adderall for 10 years.

The voices made me quit both, but they still torture me by inducing the impulse to smoke and making me dream about adderall. Plus they chant “eat eat eat” constantly, which yep, is pretty destructive.

They told me the director of the CIA hated chainsmokers and they’d put me into a coma.

The voices also imply they can torture me after death, in a casket. So I’ve definitely investigated cremation. If there’s no brain, they can’t get me.

Yep, tons of things, a lot like yours. They voices are way more vicious than what I can express. These are extremely abusive and relentless voices.

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I have a voice talking pretty much all the time, except when I’m busy talking to someone or watching a film/video (except for the occasional comments).

Sometimes I even have a voice talking in my dreams.


Waking up with voices sucks. I do it from time to time. Wishing some relief.

My voices typically ramp up as my day progresses. I can wake up with whispers and no words and by mid afternoon I’m having the crowd with full phrases.

One of my favorite times of day is about 5-6am, waking up with morning coffee, sitting alone in relative silence. Just enjoying calm thoughts and doing my check ins.

I don’t get enough of those days


I hear voices that pretty much speak to me all day long… Telling me that I’m gonna be tortured and or murdered.

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So I guess alot of people get voices that say they are gonna get tortured

So you had them for ten years

Nope but they were at one point n it seriously put me off from eating n going to the toilet and stuff just felt really self conscious cos my voice was scary and we were destined to either become a couple or I get chucked in hell so lot of pressure for me to impress (sighhhh)

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Just 2.5 years. Started August 2017.

How long have you had yours?

The voice also talks when I wake up during night. I wake up every night, usually several times; apparently my schizophrenia can control my sleep.

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Yeah before I was stable on meds they’d talk to me throughout the day and night. Night time was always worse though because I was alone with them and didn’t have the same things to distract me.

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There have been studies done showing a strong connection between sleep and mental illness. Its estimated at least 80% of people with mental illness also have sleep issues! It’s very common!

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I had a major episode. Now the voices won’t stop talking. They go on and off, but they like to talk all the time.

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3 years 141414q4

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They are trying to trauma bond you, so they can trigger you at will, this can be a very tricky time as it’s like being subjected to torture by the worlds worst blackmailers hoping to get the better of you, You can place headphones on, humming to yourself, water in the ears or try anti emf shielding, place it in a hat or beenie or something especially at night when you are sleeping as they love night time.

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Hi, Have you come across the explaintion of EH, and EMF broadcasting yet, and do you have street mobbing alonfg with your voices, hope thing are better.

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It is like being mobbed up upon in your head as they meaning the voices try to cul de sac you or try to blackmail you with a truama bond !

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Did you have a recent psychotic break? After that, I just have constant voices that bother me a lot.

Mine can creep in if its quiet and im listening to them. But ive usually got spotify on low in the background all day anyway - so im not drawn into them. Easily ignorable 99% of the time.

im sorry youe feeling this way jesse…I hope things improve…I get voices 24/7 all the time…but I found a good med combo which help a bit

While I wouldnt say constantly talking to me… I’d say every 15 minutes they have some kind of comment

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