Does anyone still hear voices and how you deal with them everyday?


I keep hearing voices 24/7, I try my best to ignore them but i’m tired with voices around 24/7.
Does anyone still hear voices and how you deal with them everyday? Does anyone voices goes away?
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I still have voices on meds. Every day. Mostly i learn to not pay them much attention. That is how i cope.


Don’t hear voices often, but when I do its unexpected attacks and I go nuts trying to fend them off until they calm down. When I say nuts I mean I get almost a panic attack, and lying on the floor writhing around like I am in agony. When it passes, I have a headache for a while. How do I deal with them? Usually music in my earphones helps or just wait for them to pass. Or speak to my husband about them helps to put it into perspective, that its not real.


I don’t believe the threats my voices tell me. Or the threats (hell, eternal suffering etc.) the characters imply. That stops the voices in my head.

Yeah it’s very tiresome when it’s on 24/7.


on meds… still hear voices.

when I make myself focus on something else, or I keep my mind busy with a task, they fade. when I still listening to the inside of my head, they come back.

It’s taken therapy and work, I’ve been trying to ignore when the voices get nasty. Lately, it’s just benign chatter. It’s been fading over the past two years as well.


Yeah unfortunately it is just something you have to live with. It gets easier as they run out of material and start repeating themselves. There is almost always something going on that reminds me I’m schizophrenic.


Mine come out in the mornings and nights. I just deal with it. I often talk back to them, give them the middle finger, play music over them, do all three of those at the same time, lol, I sometimes shoot up heroin to make them stop, but heroin is expensive and illegal?

But I really do play music over them, talk back to them and give them the middle finger quite a bit.


Yep. My voices usually aren’t disruptive when I’m not in an episode, and a lot of my voices are good and helpful. The bad ones I like to just think of as noise. Even if they say terrible things and tell me to do bad things, I don’t take any of it seriously, it’s just noise.


dude, don’t even kid about using heroin. you don’t use heroin do you? if you think you can “play with fire” by just doing it once in a while, listen to this. you are already hooked it just doesn’t feel like it yet.


yup still hear them even on meds. the last 3 days have been low volume and infrequent but the two months before that were very noisy and 24/7. i’ve tried rispiridone, olanzapine, seroquel, haldol, depixol and am now on abilify. just reached 15mgs four days ago. if there’s no stimulus they tend to get stuck on certain topics which is boring but there you go. ■■■■ 'em. that’s what i say. voices can’t hurt you…it’s just noise. yes they may engage you but they can’t physically do you any harm so ■■■■ 'em. hope this helps


I was kidding, no heroin in my life, not even once


not funny dude. I was scared. oh well, all in fun I guess. no worries.


I sill hear voices even on meds,they keek me awake, they degrade me, and cuss me, and sometimes they can really ruin my day. What helps me most is keeping occupied with music, my tablet, or sitting outside with my friends. If you let them get the best of you by isolating and listening, they only get loaded and worse. Try to occupy your time, this helps.


I don’t hear them often anymore. Lucky I suppose. Don’t know how you guys manage it.



take care :alien:


I still hear them. On meds. Not as much as before my pdoc upped my dose Abilify. I hear them calling for me. Sometimes they say bad words making me think they have caught my tourette’s. I have tourette’s. Maybe it’s natural that my voices also do then? They say words i cannot repeat here because they are really bad words.


On meds, but I still hear them everyday. My voices talk in code and tell you who and what a T is or a C is… They also respond to my thoughts which is really frustrating. I am lucky however, I got a part time job and for the most part unless it’s really quiet there I don’t hear them. The only way I can really deal with them is by remembering how much worse they treated me before and knowing that their present treatment isn’t that bad. I still wish they would stop “yell talking”. It’s like they need to shout to be heard, but they are shouting “quietly” with every word they say. With me I believe they keep talking to perpetuate motion and repeat C’s (sea’s of information).


I found mindfulness meditation helped! The first time I meditated they went away for about 2hrs.

I heard that whilst doing it you can do something called “labelling” where by you say voice in your head each time you hear a voice and noise each time you hear someone walking round the house or a car drive past. You can do the same with sensation or touch.

There are some free mindfulness meditation courses online, but I don’t have them bookmarked on this machine! This however will give you a rough idea of how to do the basics:


I don’t hear them anymore. When I did hear them I didn’t have any idea how to deal with them. You are lucky nowadays that you can talk this over with other people who are having the same problem. I hope you can help each other.