Are you scared of snakes?

Last time I saw one while alone in the wilds, it scared me a lot. I ran all the way home. I was still a kid then but I still don’t like the idea of meeting up with one.


I had a friend who kept one as a pet. Me personally, I don’t want to see them, touch them or keep them.

yeah a bit maybe as a pet I would tolerate someone else’s snake, but idk maybe not

Reptiles are tough to keep.

Snakes are alright though. Pretty crazy creatures actually. The harmless ones are cool. Seen a lot of dead cut up snakes in my life.

Lizards are cool too.

Personal favorite are tortoises. Not just the big ones, the weird ones that look like living art.

Can’t find any images, but science teacher in high school had this tiny orange turtle. It was like watching claymation but it was real.

I saw a baby one and took a pic…hold on I will upload the pic. It was cute and curious


I am quite fond of snakes. I have owned many. Been bit more times than I can count, but I’ve also never kept a venomous snake. Getting bit feels like someone snapping you with a rubber band. It’s not really all that bad. Worst bite was from a Burmese Python (you know those huge suckers taking over the Everglades and stuff?..yeah those). Got me on the hand and instantly tried to wrap me up. I poured some vodka down his mouth (80 proof alcohol will make a snake let go without harming it), and he let go. I’ve also kept all kinds of exotic pets (various lizards, etc.). My dream job is to be an herpetologist (vet who deals with reptiles), but who am I kidding, that’ll never happen.


Can you take tiny steps toward your dream of being a reptile vet? Just little steps that don’t overwhelm you.

I wish I could, @chordy. The main obstacles I have are 1) Paying for an education, and 2) Could I handle the long education while juggling this disease with it? I think both of those point towards a negative answer.

Could you get a job as a care giver in a zoo?

Possibly. I could volunteer at the local zoo, but they won’t hire anyone who is without a degree in Biology, Zoology, etc. Volunteering is an option, however.

I was out at a nature reserve filming for a project once and a grass snake wrapped itself around my foot. I was startled ill admit that.

Yeah on top of what I said if I turned a corner and saw a snake I’d jump for sure.

They’ve got that fear instilling element to them.

what did you do?>

I went on vacation to a secluded island and took a walk on a beach of stones and every time I would get near the bushes I’d see a snake slithering on the ground moving back into the covered green space. Made my heart jump. They’re fast! As a kid I went to a place where they had pythons and had one on my shoulders, but I’m like Indiana Jones (has a fear of snakes), wouldn’t want to get bitten by one.

Water snakes are more creepy.

Lakes and rivers here are populated with “Water moccasins” highly poisonous. See them swimming back and forth.

Heeby jeevies.

Actually, that reminds me of an earlier time when I was not yet afraid of snakes. My brother and I were in a row boat on a river, and just as peacefully a could be, a water moccasin swam past us.

That was the day it started lol.

I don’t understand. The day what started?

The fear of snakes

I hadn’t thought of that. A kind of a thought out delayed reaction. Snakes have a lot of attention in our society.