Are you real friends with any other psychosis people?

I am not presently. But I would be. I’m somewhat afraid if they were having problems it might be mentally hard on me. I’m really sensitive. But I’d like too.

While in psychosis, we on the forum are usually taken care of so that we don’t endanger the bonds we have here. Also, it is not hard to recognize when one of us is in psychosis and we can respond appropriately and know that it’s nothing personal.

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I mean in person. I can see what you mean on the forum though. :slight_smile:

I live in a group home where our provider’s specialty is we szs. so I’m quite familiar with close hand dealings when one of us goes off the deep end. Usually, we get unapproachable and withdrawn and don’t want interaction. And, when they are psychotic, likely as not they won’t listen to you. A short trip to the psych hospital usually takes care of it. We leave it to the professionals…

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I’m the only sza person I know.

Yeah im friends with one whos in denial about having sz. But she doesnt talk to me much so idk if were ever friends outside of the psych ward.

I don’t know anyone… but I wish I did.

I met loads of people during my hospital stays, but we never kept in contact. Strange times.


There was this one guy in hospital who had sza but he kind of triggered me so I kept a distance to him. I think it’s best to do this just in case.

I have some people I meet whom are from psychosis group but I haven’t been meeting recently cos of anxiety.

Yes i know a couple

I have the one family friend, we see the same psychiatrist

I have a friend who has schizophrenia. He lives in Madrid and I live in Girona. We have met twice. Once in Barcelona and once in Madrid. And we talk very frequently in WhatsApp. He is a very nice person.

I have a very close friend that has bipolar with psychosis. Its nice to have someone that understands. She is a bit higher functioning than me though, so sometimes it is hard to keep up.

Yes, but we only “see” each other here. We met on a ward and texted until my phone died.

I know a few people with similar problems. I offer advice when I can but if they do drugs I try to keep them at arms length.

My former gf and present best friend has sza like me.

I have a close friend who also has sz and I am surprised at some of the parallels in our symptoms although our family background is somewhat different.

My friend gets a lot of fatigue, depression, paranoia and delusions like I do but he seems to have a lot more social skills. I learn a lot from him although it is a discouraging to see him suffer because he is a really good guy (otoh I think I have a bit of an aspie evil streak)

I don’t know anyone else with psychosis but I know a few bipolar people. One of my friends growing up was a manic depressive. I think that’s called bipolar now but I really don’t know.

He had severe ups and downs.

I tend to make friends and hospitals and I go to a DMH day program with a mixed population of MI and developmental disabilities. One lady said she had psychosis but I don’t know whether she meant in the past or in the present.

She’s the same older woman who I convinced to cut down on cigarettes and supplement with vaping some and smoking fewer cigs.