Does anybody have a friend, who has sz

I use to 15 years ago.

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I did have, but he was a bit strange and dishonest. I cut him off.

I met this girl who told me she heard voices and had visuals when smoking weed or from stress, and another who told me she was put on the mental hospital but she never told me exactly why.

Im the only sz in the social circles i keep. Ive yet to meet another in my town. Only other people ive met tend to be bi-polar or have a learning delay.

Would be nice to meet a fellow schizophrenic in real life tho. Maybe the others just keep their Dx a secret.

i don’t know anybody that has sz… my aunt had drug induced psychosis but i don’t see her anymore since i was a little girl.

My sister also has schizophrenia.

So yes.

She’s doing a little better than I am, though.

She works full time and does really well in the competitive entertainment industry.

I could never do the high stress work she does.

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Yes and they’re identical twins, both have sz. They were in university before sz now they’re both on disability income. They talk to themeselves a lot and never shower.

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They talk to walls, their hand, etc They also fight together and yell in public.

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I do. He lives in another state but I always enjoy visiting him and his family. He is easily one of the kindest and most understanding people I’ve met. I’m glad to have him as a friend.

I’ve never met another person with schizophrenia irl.

I met someone I was in the hospital with on the street once. He was on clozapine so I assume (?) he had schizophrenia.

But that’s the closest I got to see another schizophrenic in real life.

My girlfriend has schizophrenia. I met her at a mental health “drop-in” center (a drop-in center is a place for people with a mental illness to socialize (it closed a year after I met her).

My cousin has schizophrenia, but the last time I saw him he was catatonic and just sat on the bed and stared at the wall. I said hello and he just kept staring.

I know a few people. We talk on the phone. We are a part of each other’s support team.

I know of some people with Sz, yes. Not many.

Since I used to be part of an unusual beliefs group, with a charity called MIND.

And plus at recovery College, I came across someone too.

Non of us are close though.

I’m not close to anyone in my life.

Yea, My Friend Is Mother Nature

When I was 16 I was friends with a 25 year old guy who was nicknamed trip and everytime he smoked weed he would say he was the son of god and high pitch giggle etc. He was semi ok when he wasnt high but i only knew him for less than a year. He was on disability, probably for sz.

My friends mom around the same time had delusions she passed on to her son namely she was a correspondent for the kremlin something to do with the oklahoma city bombing. There was other things i cant remember but we were surprised his mom told him those things.

When i was homeless in my early 20s and early 30s i met a handful of szs but i never really was friends with them.

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I came across someone in the ward who also had schizophrenia

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I used to around 18 years ago. Don’t know what happened to him.