After the beginning of SZ

Before my illness onset I had tons of friends. Now there’s like… several friends I have.
Also the attention I have from other people is small.
Like the fact, that I had psychosis changed the whole view to me.
What about you?
Did you lost lots of friends?
I know, that this illness has stigma, but it’s also hard to form a real long lasting relationship.

My biggest problem was, that when I first became psychotic I was at school. During that time I lost 95% of my friends, they simply left because I acted either strange or in a not understandable way.

I noticed that finding another half is also hard, because people (if you say that you’re ill) has some misconceptions about this illness.


I lost all my friends around the time I got sick in 2013 when I was 23. I didn’t get diagnosed with schizophrenia until two years later. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I got depressed then started having other symptoms. Then it took a few years to find the right meds.


Nope. I was always a loner.

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i met new friends after diagnose, so no.

I lost my friends when i started my journey of soberity. They werent addicted to morphine, but they did drink and smoke pot. So when i stopped, we stopped hanging out. I have one friend now, but this year ive been battling symptoms and she kinda has disappeared. It sucks.

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I used to see a bunch of friends but since my diagnosis I rarely see them oh well I work n look after my daughter x

I was diagnosed with sz recently (3 months ago). I called some of my friends on the phone, but did not tell them what I am going trough. Never asked to see them, since most of them are busy with life and they do not live close. So I feel I lost touch and i am not sure if I would let them see me phisically. To some I told them I am sick, that’s all and thank them for the nice memory we shared

The few close friends I made before SZ are still friends with me today. The acquaintances still are “friends” with me online.

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