Are you addicted to screen?

When I don’t look at the screen it feels awkward silly dumb

No screen means no fun :joy:

sometimes i just turn everything off, phone, computer etc. and enjoy the peace and quiet :blush:
if all the phones and computers dissapeared today i would be ok with it. lol


Yes. Dopamine fiend.

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Yes I am addicted to screen time.

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I am on the screens most of the time because I can’t find peace and quiet so I have to distract myself. People are so noisy with music etc. and walls are thin. I’d probably be the most stable person in the world without so much unwanted external stimuli


Very addicted

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The other day I did 11h30 screen on time in a single day lol

Today 3h24 so far, its 4h20.

We are slaves to this technology. Shiny object syndrome rules us.

I want to fix this with a Chrome / Firefox extension. I believe it’s possible.

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