I'm struggling with phone addiction

I realized how much phone time I use daily, and it’s sort of gross. I feel unwilling to be productive and do things I need to do, and my phone is my enabler. Well, I enable myself I guess. I can’t blame an object that has no will. Youtube is my biggest vice, and while it has been good for me while I was coping with my sobriety and mental health issues, I think it’s time to cut the cord. I cancelled my youtube premium membership, and I’m making dedicated decisions to not be on my phone so I can get more done.

Does anyone else here struggle with this?


I’ve got a hard time with it too, I feel like I miss out on life because of it.

For me I feel like it helps me numb everything out when I have an uncomfortable reality. I’ve been trying to read more when I want to use my phone. I like graphic novels and manga so it’s still visually stimulating, but I’m trying to ease into more chapter books too.

I still have a long ways to go with it but any progress is progress

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Yes. I switched to Nokia 3310(dumb phone). A bit extreme, but it kind of resets my attitude towards using the phone. I suppose I will try to get a smart phone again in the future some time, but then I’ll try to use it for need to do stuff only and not entertainment.

I’ll probably get a twin sim and keep my dumb phone, that makes it easier to use the smart phone only when needed.

Yes I’m on my phone all day I’m awake

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Me too. I’m used to it.

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Me too im the same

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I’m on my phone a lot throughout the day. It keeps me focused away from being followed usually. Especially the forum and Quora. I focus on others more and it helps. But it’s most likely unhealthy actually

Yes, I’m a phone addict too. A large battery means I can be on it all day! There’s worse things.

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Just turn it off for an hour

I dont use my phone much when im at work or socializing, which are the two main things i do, but when im by myself im using it constantly. Always looking at instagram or youtube. I stopped caring about what i do when im by myself and it makes me hate my alone time so im constantly looking for things to do with my friends.

If i didnt have my phone i would probably spend more time outside looking at plants or reading books. Instead i feel like my alone time is just for waiting until i have some external motivation to do something.

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