Are you most of the day stuck to a screen ? (Poll)

  • Yes
  • No

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If not… Coment what you do most of the time.

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Well I started working today :slight_smile:

Actually yes

I’ve been practicing music a lot lately, but that’s still staring at a screen

So yea when I’m not doing that i’m on the web

Or watching the Yankees play

all this involves screens


What kind of job ??
Glad for you! :slight_smile:

Food prep for elderly people. :sunny:


Yessssss. Emphatic sad yes.

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Selection bias FTW :smile:

Yes, unfortunately when times are stressful I tend to distract myself from problems by watching too much TV. I love watching movies, but the channels I have only occasionally show movies and the tv shows are not too interesting. Since joining the forum, I have spent my time on the forum instead of watching tv. Although I am still looking at a screen I consider it a very positive thing because the forum fills me with posititivy and strength to face my problems and I am able to engage with others. Hopefully I will be my normal self soon and be doing the simple things I love so much like going for walks, sitting in parks, feeding the ducks, sitting in the sunshine, bird watching, and exercising.

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